Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
101 Goals, 1001 Days: Painting With Inks and Watercolour

Art runs in the family. My sister and father can draw very well. My sister even considered art school, but chose to learn something she didn’t know yet. Now she has work as an animator, which is what she always wanted. Check out her blog at Fish by Night. I chose to stick with writing, but I know that I can do drawing/painting as well, as long as I put in the hours for practice.

I fell in love with the quotes with a watercolour background. A few colours mixed to create clouds of pastels. Some artists even add gold sparks to give it more texture. I want to create those as well. But before I can do that, I have to get better at painting and calligraphy.

Made by Molu

Instagram has been a wonderful source of inspiration. The things that people do is exceptional. It makes me want to try it as well. Watercolouring is one of those skills that I want to get better at. Goulet Pens also had a blog post on painting with inks. The skills are transferable, but the mediums react differently. That’s why I’m planning to use both during my practice.

Various techniques with Lamy Vibrant Pink

I made a card for our friends who were getting married. It’s the first card I made in a long time and I’m happy with how it turned out. It’s not perfect, but I didn’t expect it to be. I wanted to give them something personal and nothing is more personal than a homemade card with heart felt feelings written on the back.

I want to get better with these techniques and practice drawing and painting so I can create more cards instead of buying generic overpriced Hallmark cards. I’ll take more pictures of other things I try to paint and post them later.

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    I love this! I want to do more watercolor but it’s not my main creative priority right now. I’m focusing more on writing and blogging. I hope you share more of your own work!

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      I will! I do it on moments when the story has to sit for awhile and my hands need to stay busy. I often notice that when I’m doing something creative, I get better ideas for my stories.

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    You got this, sis! I find inks to be more vibrant, also when mixing. Which is awesome. Also give Ecoline brushmarkers, they’re great for watercolor things, but also for handlettering if you want to practice that. They’re super versatile, vibrant and fun.

    Thanks for the plug!

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