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Reintroducing 101 Goals, 1001 Days

It’s almost a year ago that I made the decision to do the 101 Goals, 1001 Days. It’s pretty much what it says: finish 101 goals in 1001 days. Why that many in that long a period? Because that allows you to take on longer projects. Adding smaller goals are boosts to keep you motivated. Some can even be rewards. One of my goals was to go to the Efteling, a popular theme park in the Netherlands. No one says goals can’t be fun.

I made a list of all my goals, but there are still a few that need updating. I’ll be posting about how I’m progressing the coming month. For one of the goals I need your help, but I’ll blog about that soon. I hope you can help me out. I think you’ll get to know me a little better from reading the 101 Goals, 1001 Days. There are already a few online, so don’t hesitate to check those out if you’re new here.

I’ll talk about game related topics as well. I’ve been playing Stardew Valley Multiplayer, Dragon Age Inquisition, Bayonetta 2, Journey, and a few smaller games.

Let’s make this Blaugust Reborn a great revival!

101 Goals, 1001 Days: To Read List 2018

Every year I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge. I’ve kept it on 30 for the past years and this year I’ll raise it. I have more time and I do want to read (and review) more books. Let’s go for 40. It’s only ten books more and I’ve finished a few books in less than two days, so it’s definitely doable. It depends on how well the books are written though.

There are still a few books on my to-read list from last year. We moved halfway through the year and I still haven’t unpacked all of my books. Some of those are still in boxes and I have no idea in which box they are. I know there are new books in series I read last year or which I’ll read this year. If I get my hands on those, I’ll definitely add them to my to-read list.


Here’s a partial list of what I’ll be reading next year:


Bird By Bird – Anne Lamott

Wonderbook – Jeff Vandermeer

Elon Musk – Ashlee Vance

Mythos – Stephen Fry



Sorcerer And The Crown – Zen Cho

The House of Shattered Wings – Aliette de Bodard

Lud-in-the-mist – Hope Mirrlees

The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

The Grimoire Saga (#1-#4) – S. M. Boyce

The Historian –

The Circle – Dave Eggers

Digital Fortress – Dan Brown

The Next Queen of Heaven – George Maguire

The Skull Throne – Peter V. Brett

The Book Of Dust – Philip Pullman

Voyage Of The Basilisk – Marie Brennan

The Tropic of Serpents – Marie Brennan

In The Labyrinth of Drakes – Marie Brennan

The Martian Ambassador – Alan K. Baker

Clockwork Angel – Cassandra Clare

The Magician’s Guild – Trudi Canavan

Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

The Book Of Life – Deborah Harkness



101 Goals, 1001 Days: Just a small update

No post dedicated to one thing, but to many.

I’m still blogging and writing in my journal every day.

I’ve almost finished Season 11 of Diablo 3. There’s more than enough time and I’ve hit level 70. I’m working on my paragon levels now so I can challenge the higher torment levels necessary to complete the last few achievements.

I’ve been playing a little more Renowned Explorers and Anno 1404. It’s not on my list since I own it on GOG, but both are fun. Even when I lose. Renowned Explorers is still kicking my butt in encounters. I know my strategic skills are on the bad side, but some encounters are just too hard for the level I’m on. I don’t have the skills or the equipment to finish them. I guess I’ll have to pick a better team.

After some more research I noticed that Totto-chan is actually an autobiography, so picking Elon Musk was the right choice. It arrived today together with The Book Thief and Creative Confidence. Both will be going on my list of to read for the next 2,5 years.

I made a creamy chicken spinach sauce to go with pasta from scratch. Another recipe I borrowed from Pinterest. I’ll take a photo from the leftovers in the next couple of days and share the recipe with you.

101 Goals, 1001 Days: Play 20 games from my Steam library I never played before

I’ve made a list of twenty games that I want to play and I’ll aim to finish five of these:

  • Assassin’s Creed
  • The Book of Unwritten Tales
  • Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons
  • Child of Light
  • Epistory
  • Grimm
  • Hero Academy (unsure)
  • KAMI
  • Legend of Fae
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst
  • Papo & Yo
  • planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~
  • Rayman Origins
  • Renowned Explorers: International Society
  • Samorost 2
  • Secrets of Raetikon
  • Spirits
  • Sunless Sea
  • Wayward Manor
  • The Wolf Among Us

I’ve stayed away from games that I’ll know will take up 60+ hours to finish. I’m looking at you, Baldur’s Gate. I’ll get to you some day. I also looked at games with 0 hours on the clock. I think I’ll set the minimum of 3 hours to cross the game off my list as having played it. I know I’ll play some games way longer, and with others I’ll be struggling to get those three hours. I have no idea how long each game is. I also know that some of them don’t have a ‘finished’ state. Games like Sunless Sea are meant to be played over and over. Hopefully this is a mix of interesting games that will give me the entertainment I need in all kinds of moods.

I’ve already given Renowned Explorers a try tonight and so far I liked it. I failed to finish one set of missions, but I’ll have another go soon. The mechanics are interesting and I like the setting. I tried to describe it to my husband and then it reminded me of the mechanics of Darkest Dungeon.


101 Goals, 1001 Days: Elizabeth Gilbert – Your Elusive Creative Genius

I want to share the ten TED Talks that inspire me, but I’ll show them one by one, because they are worth more attention than just a mention. Most of the talks are fairly old, but I still think they’re relevant, their insight not being bound by time. This one I found not too long ago. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love talks about the muse.

The muse is an interesting concept, because it’s abstract and there are many different interpretations. The muse used to be a woman an artist could make love to and create a masterpiece afterwards. Stephen King described his muse as a man. Some see a muse in a live person, others see the muse as something spiritual.

Elizabeth talks about how the muse kept artists grounded, where artists nowadays struggle with the thought “what if I can’t top my success <product>?”. “What if my best work is behind me?” I still have a long way to go before I reach that point, and that’s me being realistic. But when you do reach that point, believing in the muse might help you to get to work. Think of the quote by Isabel Allende:

“Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too.”

Keep doing what you do, and your muse will show up. Enjoy!

101 Goals, 1001 Days: Read A Biography

I’ve reading way more non-fiction the last few years, but I’ve never a biography. It’s time that I picked one up. Finding an interesting biography is hard, because the ones that I do find interesting are mostly autobiographical, which is not what I want for this goal. I want an outsider perspective on a person.

Looking through a few lists and the store fronts, noticed two books which caught my attention: Totto-chan: The Little Girl At The Window by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi and Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance. Both books are very different and would probably be shelved in different categories if the shop used subcategories.

Totto-chan is about a young girl who didn’t fit in with the standard school system, but eventually finds a school master who can help her. What I find the most interesting is that her story begins before WWII, in Japan. It’ll give me a new perspective on the Japanese school system, growing up as an outliner and gives me a glimpse of Japan pre-war.

Elon Musk is more straight forward. Journalist Ashlee Vance shows us the life of the visionary business man and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. I admire people with strong visions, people worth following. I believe Elon Musk is such a person. Reading his biography will either confirm that or crush my hopes. All in all, I hope that this book will give me the motivation to move forward and inspire change.

For now I’ll read Elon Musk for this goal, but I won’t forget about Totto-chan, because I can still read it for fun or for my ‘Read 20 non-fiction’ goal.

101 Goals, 1001 Days: Going To The Efteling

I have a few activities on my list, like day trips or holidays. One of them is to visit the Dutch fairy tale themed park, the Efteling. It’s one of the busiest attraction in The Netherlands, mostly with people from neighbouring countries. Disneyland in Paris is a direct competitor. The atmosphere is completely different from a Disney park, but adorable nonetheless.

I’ve visited the Efteling half a dozen of times since I was a kid and always had fun. I’ve also learned not to go when it’s summer vacation or on weekends. Queue times will be insanely long for most popular rides. There will also be significantly more children running around. Not the best way to spend your time in a high priced theme park. So for my next visit I’ll have to go on a week day when it’s dry, when schools are in session.

There is one big downside to going. I’ll need about three days to recover. My body isn’t in perfect condition so doing something that requires a full day of physical activity, it will need to heal. Especially going on rollercoaster rides (my favourite) tend to shake up my joints. I won’t notice the immediate strain it puts on my body since I’ll have an adrenaline rush and I’m just happy to be there. I’ll feel it the next morning. And the morning after that.

It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make though. Even when your body isn’t cooperating, that’s no reason to not do something you enjoy doing. I always try to weigh the pros against the cons, see if I can switch some cons to pros, find a way to get rid of the cons and then make my decision. I still have to see how I can make the few days after a bit more pleasant, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Then I need to decide when we go.

101 Goals, 1001 Days: Baking Something New

It’s not good to waste food, and I had some products of which I knew would spoil if I didn’t use them, so I looked up a recipe with blueberries, greek yoghurt and eggs. There used to be a time when you used Google to find a recipe for that. Now you have Pinterest. Most bloggers are already creating beautiful images to go with their posts (I’m lagging behind, I’m well aware), and it’s easy to select something to looks good and sounds like what you want.

I picked out a lemon blueberry yoghurt cake, because it had all the ingredients that I want to use and the others I always have in stock. It turned out well as you can see in the photo above and it tastes great! It’s the first of many new recipes I’m going to try, although I don’t know what I’ll try next week. I’ll add the recipe below later.

101 Goals, 1001 Days: Follow on online course

What’s the easiest way to learn something? Through the internet, of course! In my opinion, nothing beats following on online course in your PJs with a pot of tea and cookies to keep those brains active. I’m also a person who learns from people talking to them. I loved following the not-so-interactive classes in university. I would take notes until my hands cramped or class ended.

Over the past years online courses have grown exponentialy. Universities offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for free, or just upload the recordings of real classes. Coursera is probably the most famous one, with classes from Ivy League schools ranging from science to the arts. Earn certificates in your own field or in a new discpline to widen your skill set. Check out MOOC List to find all the MOOCs available, even the ones not on Coursera.

I have a few goals on my list that could benefit from an online course. Learning Python for example. There are tons of ways to learn to program. Codeacademy is another example. I already use Duolingo to learn Japanese. That combined with my interest in anime and Japanese shows (thank you, Netflix, for providing them), and a Japanese sister-in-law, I know I’ll get there.

I have found an online course that I want to follow, even when it has nothing to do with the learning goals on my list, and I want to share it with you. I can’t remember how I found it, but I want to tell you about it, so you can share it with others.

I’m a writer, as you probably know, and I like to learn from other writers. I recently finished On Writing by Stephen King and I have View From The Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman, Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer, and Bird by Bird by Anne Lamotts lined up to read. So when I found the online writing course taught by Brandon Sanderson I knew I had to follow/watch it. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s educational. I hope you’ll enjoy it with me

Here is the full play list. Have Fun!

101 Goals, 1001 Days: Finishing up the house

It’s a little over a year since we moved into the house I had built. Some of you might remember my posts about ‘Real Life Sims‘, where I talked about designing a terrace house with the help of an architect. They finished building it in April last year and we moved in at the end of June. We wanted to move as soon as possible, because we were paying for two houses, and because of that, we left some jobs undone.

We still need shelf space in the guest room, game room (so many figurines!) and in the laundry room. Art is still on the ground instead of on the wall. I’m sure there are at least twenty more boxes that need to be unpacked. Yes, lots to do.

The new IKEA book came in with the new collection. I’m working on a shopping list for the next we have some time to go. I already know that I’ll leave with more than that’s on the list, because it wouldn’t be IKEA if I didn’t.

I’m also making progress on a different goal: reading. I finished my first book of the hundred that I want to read in these 1001 days. It also counts towards my yearly Goodreads Reading Challenge of 30 books. With Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone finished, I’m still three books behind on that goal, but I know that I’ll get those 30.

If you have any books to recommend, please let me know! I still need a few more.

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