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Character Creation Qunari Female – Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Character Creation Elf Female – Dragon Age: Inquisition

A Lovely Thing

Last week a certain type of blog posts started to appear on the blogs that I follow. All refered to the Liebster Award. I seriously have no idea what it exactly is. Murfy blogged about it and asked us “Why do/did you read this blog?”. I answered with “I read it, because this Liebster thing is a complete mystery to me.” It still is.

Liebster is kind of a weird thing to me, mostly because it has ‘lieb’ in it, which means sweet in German. That’s why I named this post ‘A Lovely Thing’. From what I’ve seen in the other posts, people share a bit of themselves, some very personal things. Then they nominate other people, ones they want to know more about, other who are their friends. I think this whole thing was sweet.

Murf challenged me to answer a few questions after my first comment:

I would love to know about your blog name origins, why you started blogging, your first MMO character, your favorite game ever, the food you must love eating, and your guiltiest pleasure!

Then on Twitter he challenged me to do some more:

I accepted both challenges so I have a ton of questions to answer. Feel free to post more questions in the comments. I’ll add them with my answers :) I won’t nominate anyone else though. Most people that I want to nominate have already posted about the Liebster award and I’d just ask them to do the same again.

I’ve been nominated two more times since I’ve posted this. RowanBlaze and Simcha both asked me a few questions in their posts and Jaedia asked me to answer her questions without an nomination. I answered a few of the questions on the big wall of questions from Murfy, so I took those out. But scroll down to see more Q&A with me :D

Now, on to the questions!

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Magicka 2 – Trailer [60 FPS]

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