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Guild Wars 2 Strider's Armor

First Guild Wars 2 fanfic

This is my first attempt at real fan fiction. The characters featured in my stories are my own and of my friends. The world of Tyria and all the things related to the Guild Wars franchise are of course ArenaNet’s.

This isn’t the story where all the characters are introduced, but you’ll get to know what kind of people they are from their interaction with each other. I’ll write more stories about these and other characters, switching them up.

Please let me know what you think in the comments or on twitter.

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Seeds of Truth – Living Story Season 2 Episode 7

The Silverwastes Guild Wars 2

The Silverwastes Vistas

Echoes of the Past – Season Two returns!

The Clock tower - Guild Wars 2

Blood & Madness – Halloween in Tyria

The Halloween patch, Blood & Madness landed in Tyria last Tuesday. My guildies love loot so we jumped into the labyrinth and walked around killing everything in sight. It changed since last year. New bosses, doors and enemies can be found there. It’s still rich with candy corn nodes, so anyone who’s collecting them for the rewards, can farm more here.

Farming mobs isn’t the only thing with the coming of the Mad King Thorn. There is still the story of the Bloody Prince you can (re)play or any of the other events, PvP or the worst jumping puzzle in the game, the Clock Tower. And let’s not forget rewards!

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The PlayList – Ascension

I didn’t feel very well the past week. My hip hurt, so I spend time in bed watching Life Unexpected. Netflix has some fun new stuff to keep me busy. I did game some. A few games of ARAM and Guild Wars 2.

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Guild Wars 2 - Taidha Boss Battle

The PlayList – Back to work

I went back to work after our little trip. That meant less play time, except during the evenings and weekends. I usually play my two standard games during those times: League of Legends and Guild Wars 2. Playing ARAM with friends really is a highlight of my week. We chill, have fun and if we lose, we lose. No hating, just keep playing and hope for a better match up for the next game.

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Legacy of the Mad King

It’s October! And you know what that means!

Actually, we don’t celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands. We celebrate St. Martin’s Day on November 11th. Kids will walk around with lanterns and sing at the door. They get candy as a reward. Most childless people pretend they’re not home.

I’ve got plenty of time to log into Guild Wars 2 on the 31st, because the only party invite I’ll get is in-game.

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Edge of the Mists | Guild Wars 2

September Feature Patch

ArenaNet released the second feature pack on September the 9th. I didn’t really expect another feature pack would be released so soon, but it’s very welcome. I love new, free content in games that I love to play. Who doesn’t like free stuff that keeps you playing? ArenaNet has given us some new amazing things, but nothing can beat the wardrobe feature, right?

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The PlayList – Boss Fight Edition

This is a special edition of the PlayList. It’s been a while since I’ve last written one, but I fully intent to bring it back as a weekly post. The past couple of weeks I’ve done a few boss fights. Not just any boss fights, but the Final Boss. The last one you’ve to beat before the credits start rolling.

But non of the boss fights felt epic to me. Find out why. [WARNING: SPOILERS]

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Guild Wars 2 Fiction

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The Scarred King by Rose Foreman & Josh Foreman

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