Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
“Big Worm Is Trying To Eat Me”
Diablo 3's Broodmother
Wrong game, Broodmother.

Blizzard likes making references between their own games. There are a ton of such references in World of Warcraft, so it comes to no surprise Diablo 3 has them too. Here is my favorite. I’ve also seen a Dark Hellion dying on screen, but I’m sure there are more references I’ve missed.

Edit: My friend was kind enough to point out that Shaitan is the name for the worms in the Dune-series. Thanks!

If you look closely you can see my monk kicking ass. I think she was about level 43 here. I’m using the Scoundrel als hireling and Fire Ally to keep some demons off my back. I use them more as a distraction device than actual DPS.

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