Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
Diablo 3 – Easter Eggs

Blizzard Entertainment has made sure to integrate some nice things into Diablo 3. And this one, I particularly like. I’m sure you will too. I’m not talking about the Secret Level. This little egg, is random and can be found in the Cemetery of the Forsaken.

The secret location, or maybe you just need to be lucky

You can see where you can find it in the screenshot above. It appears randomly, so you might have to use a little trick to force it to appear. You can select the Shattered Crown quest, check in at the checkpoint in the Cemetery and then just keep leaving/creating a new game. It took me about thirty tries to get it.

This zombie has a name?!

When you enter this Development Hell, you’ll find zombies inside which bear the names of the staff and their position. There’s also one unique mob, Jay Wilson, the game director. You’ll receive an achievement, a feat of strength. There is no special requirement for entering or finding, besides the randomness. So it doesn’t matter what level or difficulty you are. Let’s take your rage to the Development Hell!

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