Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
Diablo 3 – My Templar?!

I started my Witch Doctor character and she needed a tank to help her. Non of my friends were there. So I took the Templar for a run. Kormac, what the hell is wrong with you?!

Kormac, meet Templar.

When you’re doing a hireling quest (when they pledge themselves to you), hirelings get a clone. I’ve been walking with this guy Kormac through Old Tristam and the cathedral for a while now and he has been going on about sacred ground and the evil invasion etc. I decided that he’s just a religious looney. Then I had two.  But it was a short run for the second one, since I left him behind when I entered the gate to King Leoric.

Kormac likes talking with my Witch Doctor, Astarte. Kormac lives for religion and Astarte has a very strong connection with the spirit world. The conversations between them are always positive. This is the complete opposite as the conversations between my monk and the  Scoundrel (he constantly tries to hit on her and she rejects him harshly) and my monk and the enchantress (she keeps going on about beautiful things and the strange looks of the Templar).

Hit it, Kormac!

When I used the Scoundrel on my monk, I noticed the crappy damage hirelings do. This screenshot proves it. I give my Templar a 44 DPS weapon and look at his damage output: 24.77. Are you kidding me?! Yes, I know it has dexterity and intelligence stats and not strength, but does that matter? That’s why I choose his CC skills and not his damage skills. Still, this is a personal choice. I don’t really see the point of giving him a skill that allows him to do 200% damage (48 damage on Nightmare, big whoop, the mobs won’t even notice he’s touched them). I also think it works better with a Witch Doctor, who can have insane DPS (currently 602 dps). A dead monster doesn’t need tanking.

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