Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
Diablo 3: Quest For The Galactic Wings

You might know that Diablo 3 has Seasons every few months. You start out with a new character with no unlocks except cosmetics. I’ve played them since the beginning and only finished the official chapters a handful of times.

After finishing four chapters, you’ll have a full class set and a few cosmetic items. Beyond those four, you can choose to participate in even more difficult challenges to gain new stash tabs, other cosmetics, and starting this season, a beautiful set of galactic wings.

Yes, it’s all cosmetics. I don’t care if it’s only cosmetics, I still want it. This is the first time I’ll try to finish the other chapters as well. So far, I’ve managed to do Slayer, but no more. Not completely. It’s hard and I’m by no means a good player. Some of the challenges are pure grind and that’s okay. At least I know that I can finish those if I put enough time into it. Extracting 40 legendaries is a lot of work. Who knew.

I’m still struggling with my set dungeon mastery. I play a monk this season and have the wukong set. The guide I used said it was one of the easiest set dungeons to master. I still failed after twenty attempts. Maybe I’m just not ready. Or I don’t have the right gear. I don’t know, but I’m doing something wrong. 

If you have any tips, guides or videos to help me overcome my incompetence, do link me. I’ll do just about anything to get those wings :D

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    The seasons thing started bringing me back last year with that ring bonus that allowed a full set bonus with1 less piece. That’s when I learned about ‘ancient’ loot, so kind of enjoying the game loop with the search for the ultra rare ‘ancient’ stuff. I always just play thru the entire game start to finish with the season thing so useless to you for tips BUT I did join a clan last season and having high level clan mates run you thru much higher level stuff was how I got most of last seasons achievements. Cheesy I know but once we were all running 300 torment together became really fun.

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      I played with some friends early on, so my paragon level is pretty high. Now I still have to do most of the grind stuff, and the solo things, like the set dungeon. I’m not giving up *yet*!

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