Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
Diablo 3 – The Secret Level


After I finished hell and my friends were AFK, I decided to farm some items for The Secret Cow Level. I think most Diablo-fans already know you won’t be killing cows there, there sure are cows involved.  I won’t spoil anything here, so read on :)

Blizzard decided to make it less easy to get to the secret level, although, it’ll be less of a drag to keep visiting. You’ll need the Staff of Herding, which can be crafted by the lovely Blacksmith. You’ll need to find the plan (dropping from Izual in Act 4), the Black Mushroom (spawning in the Cathedral Act 1), the Shinbone from Leoric (found in his mansion, the room on the right after entering), a liquid rainbow (somewhere down south in the watery bits in the Oasis found in Act 2), Wirt’s Cow Bell (achievement involved, can be bought from the Act 2 merchant for 100k), and finally the Gibbering Gemstone (found in the Cavern of Frost level 2 in Act 4). Note that the plans are difficulty related. Only one staff per difficulty.

Look how they bleed!

After you’ve created the staff go to the Old Ruins in Act 1 and walk back to Tristram. Keep to the south wall after exiting the graveyard untill you reach the cliff with the dead cow. Be sure to have the staff in your inventory. Or, if you’re brave enough, use it as your weapon of choice. A ghost will appear with an exclamation mark above its head. He’ll make jokes about the previous secret level, The Moo Moo Farm. But it’s nothing like that (see screenshot above).

Whimsyshire is… basically everything you see on the picture. Ponies, cute cuddly bears and flowers trying to hug you. Except they are anything but cute. They’re lethal. They will try to eat you, bash your brains out or poison you. You shouldn’t feel bad when a unicorn’s head is flying across the screen or see a beaten up teddy bear.

I’ve noticed that the loot in Whimsyshire is from act 1 from the next difficulty. It’s not much special, but if you can find a rare item from Nightmare or Hell before you start there, it’ll help a lot.

I have to say, honestly, I liked it there. I didn’t want to go back. The happy cheery music, the bright colours, everything I liked. And no, I’m not on drugs. What are your thoughts and/or experiences with Whimsyshire? :)

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