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The PlayList – Boss Fight Edition

This is a special edition of the PlayList. It’s been a while since I’ve last written one, but I fully intent to bring it back as a weekly post. The past couple of weeks I’ve done a few boss fights. Not just any boss fights, but the Final Boss. The last one you’ve to beat before the credits start rolling.

But non of the boss fights felt epic to me. Find out why. [WARNING: SPOILERS]

I started Guild Wars 2 with the three-day head start, but I only finished the personal story on my second character for the first time a few weeks ago. It’s not much of a mystery that you’ve to beat the dragon Zhaitan. He’s the one summoning the risen to take over the land and he uses Orr magic to do that. In the early days, I’d read the forums like mad. I knew people were disappointed with the last bit of the story. After all the instances, you’ll have to complete the story mode of the Arah dungeon. That’s the end of the personal story. You can’t do it alone. You need a full party.

I’ve done a few dungeons in the past and some are really fun. This one was not a fun one. The mechanics felt easy, simple and generic. Here’s a wave, kill the enemies. The only difficult thing was to not jump, skill jump or dodge roll of the airship. When you finally get to Zhaitan, the fight is an anti-climax. All you have to do is shoot the cannons at Zhaitan. That’s all. You don’t fight him directly, like Tequatl, the Shatterer or the Claw of Jormag. Those dragon fights feel epic. They are difficult and need great coördination between all players present. Tequatl more so than the others. Zhaitan’s fight doesn’t feel like he is worse than his champion, Tequatl. Zhaitan is the dorky baby brother of Tequatl. Just throw stuff at him and he’ll die.

Yeah, I was excited to get it over with. Not so much to actually play the story mode of Arah. (I only launched three shots at Zhaitan. I couldn’t believe that was the fight.)

Malthael, the Angel of Death

Malthael, the Angel of Death

The other final boss I killed is Malthael. He’s the Angel of Death who want to take Diablo’s soul stone. I played my level 70 monk, but on a lower difficulty. Why? Because going through 120 million HP is more than enough. I don’t have the best gear and I never bought anything from the auction house. I’ve either received it from friends or found this myself. But getting bosses from 100 million HP down 0 just takes too long. Even normal mobs have 12 million HP. I spend five minutes bashing magic mobs, just because they have the Extra Health ability. 35 million a piece. Not interesting. Just kite and hit.

Malthael’s fight is even worse. You don’t even have to kite him. He sometimes has these small clouds around him. Avoid those when your HP reaches a critical level. Beyond that, just keep hitting him. It will still take you a long time. His mechanics will be the same on every difficulty, only his damage, HP and your resistance will differ.

No, these two bosses weren’t that great. I wish Zhaitan’s battle would be switched around with Tequatl. That would make the ending more interesting. I don’t how to make Malthael’s fight better. Maybe better mechanics? I thought Belial’s encounter was interesting. Multiple phases, minions, a big ugly demon.

Who’s the worst Final Boss you’ve fought? And who’s the best?


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