Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
April Wrap-up

I should probably write this one before May ends. Not that much happened besides Blapril posts. I talked about some personal things, gave advice, highlighted things that helped me cope and might help you, but most of all, I rested. I didn’t play much, didn’t read much, didn’t watch much, just to give my head the rest it needed.

Still, I read five books this month. Two books for book tours, two ARCs (one was a comic book), and a hard copy I won in a contest. It’s the only thing I can do without feeling stabbing pains.

I can’t play any fast games. I try to log in to Guild Wars 2 every day, even if it is just to get my daily login reward and the possible free item. Maybe I can do one world boss (the one in Queensdale only requires auto attacks and not much moving around), or a little bit of map completion. I never play long.

Then I switch to something else. Lately, it’s been a house in The Sims 4. I built one of the largest houses I’ve done for the game. I’m no architect, nor do they look pretty as a picture, but it’s mine. But because it’s so big, I’m still done decorating. I have a lot of space to fill. And my headache always gets worse before I finish my second room.

I tried Stardew, but even just one day is tiring. I don’t want to risk messing up this save game so I stopped playing it for now. No other Switch games either. Pokemon is too flashy, too many movement on the screen, and too much screen turning.

Heck, sometimes scrolling through Twitter is already enough to make me close my eyes, close my laptop, and wish for a nap.

The Civilization game was pushing the limits a bit. It’s only ten turns, but I had to read a lot in-game to make sure I wasn’t doing anything stupid. At the moment, anything complex gives me a headache. I have trouble understanding simple connections between words if there are too many other words between them. I did it though. And I’ll do it again for my next rounds.

For May I suspect more rest, less books finished, and maybe another Guild Wars 2 character at level 80 (she’s level 70 now, so even with just the free Tomes of Knowledge, she’ll get there). I’m not going to do goals since I my only priority is my health and surviving just another day.

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