Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

I’ve started writing this story months ago and wrote a short prologue to it. Please let me know what you think and if you’re interested in reading the rest :)

Two beings made a bet that won’t only change their lives, but has terrible consequences for everyone involved. And possibly the world.

Two shadows were standing in the clearing. It was a small remote place where no one dared to come. The place is haunted by a giant beast.

“Are you really ok doing this? There is no way back after it’s done.”

“Yes, it’s boring and I need some fun. It wouldn’t be fun if there wasn’t something big at stake. It’s not like I would lose.” The shadow grinned, showing bright white teeth and a set of fangs.

“I hope you like being human.” The other grinned as well, equally white, but no fangs.

One of them lit a candle, while the other reached into his pocket. His hand revealed a small vial with black liquid inside.

“Is that…? For real?”

“You better believe it, buddy. He always likes extreme bets. He was very willing when I asked.” He lifted the vial so you could clearly see the black liquid moving in the candle light. He popped the cork and smoke swirled up from the vial.

The other put his hand around the vial and the dark hand holding it. Together they emptied the vial above the candle while whispering the oath they prepared. Black smoke rose from the now purple flame.

“The bet is sealed. I’ll see you soon. You know where.” The shadow’s grin disappeared, only showing the tips of his fangs.

The shadow blew out the candle, the wax sticking to his light skin, and flew away.

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