Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
Building Cities

Last week, a new DLC for Cities: Skylines came out, Sunset Harbor. When I saw it I knew I had to get it. These past months I’ve been getting back into the game and the new hubs and the fishing industry looked great. I wasn’t feeling that great this weekend so I splurged and bought Sunset Harbor, Campus, and Industries since I didn’t have them either. Now it’s time for a new city.

New maps, new cities

I’ll be honest. I liked the new Simcity when it came out, even if it did have its problems like tiny maps. I understand why they did it and I genuinely enjoyed working on several maps at the same time to work on the big shared project.

I liked how I could make resources from recycling trash. Alloy was my money maker. And the school system was amazing. I loved how the buildings changed when you build futuristic stuff around them.

When Cities: Skyline first launched, it had none of that, and I hope that I’ll have now some of the things I liked in Simcity. Campus and Industries have added some new things like raw resources and more university programs. I haven’t progressed far enough to unlock some of the buildings yet, so it’s still very new to me.

The DLC also came with new maps so I picked one with more water, hoping to get more out of the fishing industries that came with Sunset Harbor. I never did much with water. No ferries or harbors. So this is a good time to explore more options.

My inspiration to play again

I started playing again after watching Biffa’s Fix Your Cities-series. It’s a relaxing format that taught me a lot about how the game actually works. Looking at his playthrough of Teaville also inspired me to work on layout instead of just trying to get as much zoning and building in there as possible.

One thing that held me back in my previous cities was my reluctance to delete buildings or rearrange things so I could upgrade roads or insert roundabouts. I should forget about that and do what helps to improve logistics and make me more money.

I really hope I can build a city I’m satisfied with this time around. I’ll take my time and see if I can use the added features to make it more like a real city. In my last city I had four million spare. Now I spend my money ASAP on new buildings to help me progress. It’s nice to feel like I’m still discovering new things instead of just try to get more zoning in. Soon enough I have to make a new quarter in my city and maybe I’ll go for something curvy instead of all straight lines. Who knows.

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