Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
E3 – Xbox SmartGlass

The yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has started! The Microsoft Press Conference has ended just a few minutes ago and they’ve shown some new trailers and new technologies. The most innovative technology has to be Xbox SmartGlass.

Xbox SmartGlass: that piece of software that will not only make your smart phone smarter, your tablet more useful, but will upgrade your tv and connect all these devices!

You can watch movies on your tablet when you’re on the move and finish watching it on your tv when you get home. You can use your smart phone as remote to control your Xbox. This feature also allows better input for web browser, so Microsoft is integrating their Internet Explorer in their core software. I don’t really know what the problem of input was before, though. With the release of the Kinect, voice commands became available and their expanding this feature with more languages and regions.

It sounds like the future, but what they showed during the conference, I’m not impressed. You can select your football team’s strategies on your tablet and even draw them out by hand. You receive additional information about the tv show or movie you’re watching and your phone keeps track of what you’re doing.

Ok, seeing the current map location of the scene happening in Game of Thrones on your tablet is pretty cool. But they said it would be more immersive. Switching my sight from my tv to my tablet, isn’t “more immersive”. It reminds me again that I’m watching tv and real world information about the cast, doesn’t suck me more into the world of Game of Thrones.

I really like the concept of SmartGlass and I really hope that game developers will catch up on that. Like, transforming your smart phone into an actually device you need for playing the game. Instead of receiving your quest information on your tv screen, your phone will keep track of all that. Let your tablet show maps or lay outs of the levels, objectives and what not. Make it an part of the game, not just a place for extra information.

I do have to give Microsoft some props for actually noticing and acting upon the trend of cross media entertainment.

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