Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
I Failed Doing My Wrap-Ups

Ok, I failed. I haven’t done a monthly wrap up since April. My mood at the end of May was extremely distracted. I finished my re-read of my comfort series and binged on Beck, the manga about a Japanese indie band. The manga had 36 volumes and the series 15 books. That’s a lot of reading. I wasn’t really in the mood to do anything else but read. No gaming and no writing. At least, not more than I had to. It also didn’t feel like I had accomplished anything. So I skipped May.

Then at the end of June, I was preparing myself mentally to start on Camp Nano and my 30k words goal. I passed the halfway mark already and doing great. But I still don’t feel like writing blog posts. Not more than necessary. I still did a few, but the less I had to do, the better. So no wrap up in June either. July probably won’t have here either. I’m going to write an evaluation of Camp Nano on Narratess, but that’ll be it. I haven’t done much reading lately besides the ARCs I promised to review.

I still haven’t been playing much. Not even the Nonary games that I was so excited about. Doing more than a thousand words a day is tiring, especially when my body is still not where I want it to be and my diet adjustment. I’m losing weight by kilos already. It’s good and although less gradual than the last time, I’m not losing too much in too short a time. My aim is still to do one workout a week which probably helps to burn calories and building muscle.

No wonder I’m overwhelmed. Then there is the book that I still need to edit before I send it to a real editor, and I need to outline my next projects. There’s a lot of writing stuff to do, even without looking at post-production in the publishing process.

After this month, I’ll still be drafting the last book in my current trilogy while trying to edit the previous once. That made me decide to skip Blaugust again. I’ll still be mentoring in the Discord channel, but I won’t be posting a blog a day. Maybe a few random ones will appear though.

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