Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

I don’t think I’ve ever done one of these before, but I think now is a good time to start because things changed! I already posted about my goals for this year. One thing I didn’t mention was my five year goal of Marie Kondo-ing my Steam library. Hide all the games that I’m not going to play anyway, and keep the games that spark joy. And that’s what I’ve been doing.

Spark Joy

My bookcase got a makeover as well and I have stacks of books that I want to sell or donate. With Steam I can’t sell or donate, but I can hide them. I already did this with games I really never ever going to play, like Half-Life 2 (yes, hate me), Insomnia, or other horror games. Now I’m adding more games to that list. Most of them are from Humble Bundles I bought for one or two games.

I also noticed that I really suck at platformers or really hard games (looking at you Darkest Dungeon). It doesn’t matter if I like them. If I feel like I’m not making any progression, I’m going to bin it. I’ll get no joy out of it just grinding and never getting anywhere.

Then there’s a category of games I’d like to play once and then I’m done with them. This one is huge and crosses all genres of games. I also stick games in there that I don’t know if I’ll like.

So when I started my process of cleaning up my library, I found some small games I wanted to finish before binning them; the Midnight Mystery games. I already finished two of them, but had three more. I finished those. Then I found another game much like it, and I finished that one too.

To 100% or Not

The fifth game I finished was a game I picked up in the winter sale. I no longer buy a game unless it’s in the sale and I want to play it immediately. Princess Maker 5 has been on Steam for awhile but the bad reviews kept me from buying it. Especially since it was still above 20 bucks and I didn’t have that much money. So I bought a visual novel with the same art.

The game has multiple endings, so finishing would technically be finding every ending, but I didn’t aim for 100% in other games, so why would it count for this one? I did three though before I marked it as finished. I’ll probably go back soon and find a few other endings because the mini game was pretty fun and I finally got the hang of it by the end of the game.

I still want to finish Grim Dawn. I’m about halfway through I think, without the DLC. I don’t think I’ll buy those because I have so many other games I have to try/play. And Spellforce is not a game you’ll finish in thirty hours.

It’s all about making choices and prioritizing games. Guild Wars 2 is shelved for the time being as I purge my library. Dragon Age Inquisition is there for when I don’t want to watch Netflix on my second screen. And now I found Aarklash Legacy. Have you played it? I think it’s a cute game (with death and destruction) but still challenging. I put it on super easy because I don’t have the mental strength to deal with anything more, but I still die. The combat is still challenging but once I remembered the pause button and things were much easier.

Goals and achieving them

I also finished reading four books, maybe five because I’m halfway through it. It was a mix of short and long books, but still. I feel like I’ve been more productive with the goals I set than I did with the 101 goals. I’m more focused now, actively seeking out things to do off my list (like writing this blog post) instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media. Knowing I can tick off one small mini task or prep for a bigger goal is nice. And every tick I do is more motivation for the next thing I do.

For my 101 goals, I wanted to finish five games. In nearly three years I could barely finish two. Now I did five in one month. The only thing that changed was how I approached my goals. Reformulate some of them to be more focused.

I honestly hope I can be just as productive the rest of the year, but I doubt it. My reading goes down when I start writing or editing my own books. This month, I spend most of my time translating for a gig. So I didn’t have to be hyperfocused on my own story. I’ll start editing the follow up for Devil’s Deal in February which means I can’t read paranormal romance anymore. It would influence my own writing which could turn out bad. But that’s okay.

When you know you can’t read a specific genre, or even can’t do something during a specific time, you have to adjust. Anticipating this is what’s important. You can prepare for it and maybe try to do something during that time for one of your other goals. That’s why it’s good to have multiple goals.

I’ll keep doing this, check in at the end of the month. See what I have accomplished. Or not. I won’t really do gaming goals except that I want to clean up the mess that is my Steam Library. Doing these wrap-up posts also adds up to the twenty posts I want to do for this blog. Also expect a few more Tokyo blogs, and others about gaming in general.

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