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Long Live The Queen! Turn 191 – 200

Here we go! Round three. Empires are expanding and we’re sandwiched between them. Borders are closer than ever before and I’m almost sad that all nations are still active. Won’t someone start killing yet? I don’t think we’ll start a war though. At least, not yet.

Check out Naithin’s dedicated page for coverage of each of our turns.

First few turns were uneventful. Except for Pedro’s demands and I laugh at his childish behavior. Please, sir, you’re an embarrassment to your country.

Turn 193

Medieval Faires completes and I start the research on Guilds, something every game needs, right? A wat is now in production in Leeds. I remember someone saying wats are good, so I thought it was a good opportunity to build one. More barbarian sniff hounds are at our borders.

Turn 194

Siege Tactics finished. Mass production is being researched now, only three turns. I’m all for quick research completion.

America wants sugar (hey, no surprise there), and for a total of 71 gold (of his 172 gold), I’ll gladly accept. I’ll gladly take all your moneys, America.

Turn 195

I buy the mercury patch near Leeds and guide the settlers to their new living place to the South. I already sent some military units to scout ahead and make sure the area is clear. I’ll keep at least one of them close for the time being.

Turn 197

Mass production finishes. Time for some Astronomy. Who doesn’t like looking at the stars.

Turn 198

Sheffield is founded and I start working on a granary. More projects finish and I assign new ones. A market in Bristol, an armory in Stoke, and a Campus in Bradford.

Turn 199

Gilgamesh declares war to Cleo. I don’t know how unexpected this is, but it might be good to have those deplete each others resources.

Cleo wants mercury, our newly obtained resource in exchange for coffee and gold. She also want our alliance, but she’s just gone to war with Gilgamesh. So I don’t really want to.

Then Gilgamesh is saying “Hi friend! I’ve got a good offer for you today.” Well, no thanks buddy. I’m not getting into your war.

Everyone wants mercury today. Catherine also wants some and offers gold and open borders, just on her side. Even though it’s not much gold, I want to accept because I want to bleed her dry. 4 extra gold per turn for 30 turns is a lot.

Turn 200

This helps a lot because Sheffield is next to a natural wonder, which I want to buy. So here goes. Tsingy de Bemaraha is ours now. There is another mercury pile next to the city border, so I have a feeling that one will be ours soon too. Especially with the high demand.

London finishes up a trader and I can work on another knight. Birmingham is going to work on a shrine now.

Krikket, you can find the save game here.

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