Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

My fourth reign and it’s probably the most boring one. You could probably skip reading this and not miss anything. Sometimes Civ games have these lulls in which barely anything happens and that’s okay.

Paeroka handed me the scepter after the war ended, so it’s up to me to keep (re)building our kingdom.

Check out Naithin’s dedicated page for coverage of each of our turns.

There won’t be any screenshots in this post due to multiple issues. Still, I didn’t want to stop or hold up the game. Screenshots will be back next time.

Turn 271

Opera and Ballet boosted. Leeds is working on Sewage and Adab is constructing a Commercial hub. Catherine demands gold, I say no.

Turn 272

I killed off the barbarians near Sheffield. Eridu is starting production for a granary. Cleo wants a trade, but no. You’re not getting our coal.

Turn 273

Civil Engineering boosted. Rapid Deployment boosted. Stoke upon Trent production research lab. Sheffield repair lighthouse. Teddy denounces us.

Turn 274

Nationalism is done and I starting Opera and Ballet now which should be done in five turns. Start on a research lab in London. A new Campus is being built in the mountains near Plymouth. Pedro wants more money, and what do we say to him? No way, Jose. And no, I don’t care his name is actually Pedro.

Turn 275

Steam power is done. Research started on the Radio and shouldn’t take too long.

Turn 276

Norwich is training a new trader, because I have no idea what to do there.

Turn 277

I bought horses near Ur so Cleo wouldn’t get them. Sheffield is done with the repairs to the light house so we’re going to build a monument. Ur is getting barracks despite the newly acquired horses.

Turn 278

Opera and Ballet is done and I continue with the other boosted civ, Civil engineering. Leeds is getting a Research lab. I sent Envoys to Preslav and we’re their Suzerain again. Gil denounces us again. Maybe he wants more war?

Turn 279

Radio is done and Mass Media is boosted. Electricity is being researched. I gave the order to build a University in Bradford. Aluminum is found near Leeds.

Turn 280

Not much to be done. A few military units are outside of the barbarian camp to the South and the next ruler can defeat them.

I focused my production on getting more science and gold. Gold makes everything easier in the end. We can buy buildings in the cities we captured, we can purchase units, and maybe even parts for our science victory. We’re sitting on a big pile at the moment so my only advice to the next ruler is: Don’t spend it all at once.

Krikket is up next and the save game can be found here.

This must be the most boring post of all the Long Live The Queen posts…

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