Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
Hatoful Boyfriend

I’m on vacation now and it was supposed to be a writing vacation. My mind abandoned me and I feel dizzy and I’ve a terrible headache. I needed to play something simple that my tablet could handle. So Hatoful Boyfriend it was. I know Dodger is playing it on her channel right now and I believe Simon from the Yogscast also played it as part of their Valentine videos.

Read on for more Pigeonness and some Guild Wars 2 collections.

I only started playing Hatoful Boyfriend yesterday, but I’ve already unlocked the true ending and I’ll have the game 100% tomorrow. It has 15 different endings and 16 steam achievements. 15 achievements for every ending and one extra for completing every ending. I wasn’t supposed to unlock the true ending route with three endings not done, but it unlocked after I received my sixth ending.

I won’t give you any spoilers, but Hatoful Boyfriend has a very dark story and isn’t just romancing pigeons. Yes, it’s full of stereotypical anime characters, but the true ending will keep you clicking away until you’ve reached the ending.

Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane - Hatoful Boyfriend
Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane, the aristocratic French fantail – Hatoful Boyfriend

You can fast forward the text until you reach a point where you have to make a decision. Unlike other dating sims, it will also fast forward any text you haven’t read. Use it wisely. I’ve fast forwarded some critical points during the true ending route and missed the first few scenes as I didn’t expect them. The fast forwarding did allow me to complete the character endings within a few hours. Save regularly with characters  for different endings, so you can complete the other ending much faster. It’s definitely worth it to play this game for the true ending. I really liked the story, although it could’ve been presented better.

Besides Hatoful Boyfriend I’ve been playing more Guild Wars 2 with the new collections. My third character, a Norn warrior called Aurora Diamanda, hit level 80 and needed new equipment. I’ve played Edge of the Mists for loot and it really helped me. I’ve gained three exotics, of which two are collectibles, and enough crafting materials to help her reach 400+ in weaponsmith. I’m slowly trying to level all my crafting disciplines to 400+. Yes, it’s costly and it’ll delay my quest for legendaries, but since I’ve not yet found a precursor or have enough gold to buy one, I don’t mind too much.

The Exotic Hunter rare collection in Guild Wars 2
The Exotic Hunter rare collection in Guild Wars 2

What I want to do is log my quest to finish the rare collections and create some outfits to inspire to mix and match from different sets. The wardrobe will help me with this and I’m working on getting more dyes. A Guild Wars 2 fashion show.

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