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Running out of juices

I’m running out of writing juices and I know I’m not the only one. Blogging every day is hard and if you dive in without building it up or preparing something, you’ll find yourself in a burnout.

I’m not at that point yet, no burnout. I’m just tired. This whole month, I’ve still been in recovery mode. My head recovering from an old injury that popped up again. Being in recovery is exhausting. Especially if you’ve been in recovery mode for months (since last November). I want to write every day, not just here, but also on my other blog and work on my books. I want to play games and read books. I want to clean my house and work on my garden.

But I can’t. I get spiking headaches when I think too much, after I do anything language related for twenty minutes. I can’t work in the garden if it’s too cold or windy because it’ll cause my muscles to tense up and I’ll injure myself. But even if the weather is good, I can’t work in it for too long because it’ll cost me more energy than I have. And I need it to heal other parts.

My life is all about finding the right balance right now. What can I do? What are my priorities? Doing Blapril was a priority and one I had confidence in I could finish. We’re nearly at the end and after I publish this, I only have two blog posts to write for Princess. But I also have two more to write for Narratess. I’ll be happy when I only have one blog to maintain and the occasional post here. No pressure, just when I feel like it.

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  • Paeroka26/04/2020 at 13:18Reply

    I’ve had to deal with two different health issues in the past 6 weeks… so yeah, I just sat here nodding. It’s nothing as bad as yours sounds like, though. :(
    I took Blapril as motivation because when I sign up for something like this, I feel more motivated. But I told myself I’d do it without pressure. If I blog more than I did in the months before, then all is good. :) We don’t need additional stress, after all, do we?

    • Endalia26/04/2020 at 13:21Reply

      Stress often only worsens our health issues, so no :) I’m glad I got this far and doing these shorter blogs was more than enough. I’m glad I stuck to the 300 word blogs because my head wouldn’t have accepted more, especially for a whole month. All in all, I count this Blapril in a win on many fronts :)

  • Roger Edwards26/04/2020 at 13:33Reply

    I’ve kind of run out of “get up and go” myself. I have lots of blog post ideas at present but lack the application to get them done. I do my best writing in the morning but find myself sleeping in at present. I shall try and see if I can get back on the blogging horse but to be honest, the nice weather and stillness that the lockdown has brought is very distracting.

  • Naithin26/04/2020 at 13:43Reply

    While I of course wish you all the best in finishing — don’t hold yourself to it if it’s getting to be too much. There is only so much energy to go around, let alone before considering adding chronic pain over the top.


  • Staying Motivated Week: “Productivity” – Gamer Girl Confessions28/04/2020 at 16:30Reply

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