Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
Steam Halloween Sale

It’s that season again. Holidays are lining up and Steam is already throwing the first Halloween party of the year with their annual sale. But wait! Don’t spend all your money now. There’s still a sale with Thanksgiving (probably not a large one) and the big Christmas/End of the Year sale. I’ll help you with your decision to buy or not to buy that one game and stop you from throwing all your money at Valve.

Don’t buy it if it doesn’t have a discount

What’s the point of sales when you’re buying things full price? Ok, newly released games are excused, but you didn’t wait for a sale just to buy it.

If a game isn’t discounted now, chances are, it’s discounted during a later sale this year.

Pay what you think the game is worth

Don’t be seduced by the tag -75%. Some games aren’t even worth it then. Look at reviews, gameplay footage, anything, and then decide what you want to pay for it. Don’t think in percentages, but in hard numbers.

Wait for Daily Deals

Especially during the Christmas sale. There are Community Choices and Daily Deals that often have a higher discount than the normal discount. If you want more bang for your buck, wait for the game to be a Daily Deal or Community Choice.

Don’t buy games you’re not going to play next week

This is the best way to save your wallet from starvation. Don’t buy games in Steam Sales unless you have time and the intention to play them soon. Don’t be a sucker for low prices, because if you’re not going to play them, it’s better to save that money or spend it on extra presents from Christmas.

You can always buy the game at a later sale. Or maybe even in a bundle.

Check other sites for sales

Steam isn’t the only one throwing parties.

GOG’s Insomnia Sale is already something I’ll never forget. Heavy discounts for a limited time and limited stock. All day long. They also have free games, so you have to be quick. The extra rule for this sale is “Don’t buy it unless it’s already on your wishlist”. You have to make quick decisions in this sale as some deals don’t even last a minute. Don’t be tricked by your nostalgic feelings. It got me more than once.

Also check GamersGate and Green Man Gaming and Humble’s store. They all have sales during Christmas. Some deals are even better than the Steam one.

Happy Holidays!

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