Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
The Play List – Post Lan Edition


I’m back from the lan party and it was awesome. This lan party is held at a four star hotel, so the beds are good, the food is good and the chairs are comfy. The best, of course, is the people. This group is limited. Friends of friends only and you have to be approved. So all the assholes and cheaters are kept out. No one will steal your controller or hard disk when you go to sleep. The conversations are great during dinner time and on Teamspeak. I love these weekends very much. Maybe even more than real vacation. So what did we play?


I still did my Guild Wars 2 dailies and did some World vs World. I gave the Super Adventure Box another try, but I still have a lot of trouble with it. Maybe I should have done it with other people and not solo, but I’m stubborn and impatient like that. I feel like I didn’t play enough to write more about it though. The Super Adventure Box is retiring today and ArenaNet said it will ‘probably’ return in the future. Well, it has to be, because we still didn’t save the princess. Only world one was available. I’ll keep my baubles and my bubbles, and hopefully I’ll be better next time Moto returns with his box. Note that all the skins will retire as well. One of the devs said that these skins are for this month only, so I’m guessing that there will be new skins the box reopens.


It’s been a while, but I played League of Legends again. My friends bugged me to play ARAM with them, so I did. I got Zed, Fiddlesticks, Ashe and Heimerdinger. I don’t know Zed or Fiddlesticks, so my score wasn’t that good. Heimerdinger is one of the first champions I bought and I really like playing him. Ashe is always fun to play. I mostly have support and ADC champions and I play them a lot. I think I did quite well for someone who hasn’t played a single match in four months, doesn’t have the right runes and still hasn’t figured out the best masteries. I don’t really care. I play League of Legends only for fun. I have no intention of playing ranked at any point.


My friends invited me to a SimCity region, so we played a few hours. I mostly helped out by researching with my university and sending money. I passed the one hour mark in the classic tower defense mode of Tower Wars. I played more Diablo 3, but my witch doctor still can’t defeat Diablo. Guild Wars had its eighth birthday, so a celebration was in order. Alistair is mine again, and soon I will be Queen of Ferelden!  I’m sure I missed some games, but lack of sleep made me forget :)


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