Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
The Play List – Pre-lan

2013-04-20_00001I´m still recovering from the shoulder injury from a few weeks ago. It´s not smart to rush recovery, so I took the time I needed. I did play this week, but I already feel my muscles when I play for several hours. Obviously, the more passive the game, the longer I can play.

Next weekend I’ll be at a lan party with my friends. I know most of them will be playing Modern Warfare 2, which I won’t. I can’t play any kind of shooter or first person game without getting a terrible headache after ten minutes. I do hope we can play some other games, like Magicka, Tower Wars, Dungeon Defenders, Impire or SimCity. If no one wants to play with me, I’ll probably try to finish Dragon Age or another RPG.

So what did I play?


The first game I played is, how very surprising, Guild Wars 2. I still like the game and I really missed Tyria. I inserted my continue coin into Moto’s mouth to gain entrance to the Super Adventure Box. I like it. It’s fun and certainly a challenge. But it sucks that I experience lag and a monkey or snake can kill me during a lag spike. Also the jumps are far too complex to complete with lag. I died a few times jumping on a rock surrounded with nothing. On my screen, I landed on the rock, but server-side, I didn’t. Those kind of things really suck when you have limited lives. And for some reason I got a terrible headache. I don’t know if it really had anything to do with SAB, or just my general well-being. If the lag wasn’t as bad (it’s both on my side as server-side. Sorry ArenaNet, sometimes your servers suck) and it didn’t give me a terrible headache, I would grind it out until I had all the skins I wanted. I might just make a separate post about the SAB after I played a bit more.

World vs World
World vs World

I also played some more World vs World. I wanted to see what the new ranking and abilities were all about. You get World eXPerience (WXP) from kills, caps and events and with each rank you get points which you use to buy abilities. Each rank also has a different title. That’s how you recognize the good players from the opposing worlds. This progress is all character bound. I hope it’ll keep WvW-players more interested now. For me, it’s another motivation to jump the Mists and slay some Germans or French.

Your roommates!
Your roommates!

I played some more Magical Diary. I’ve written about it before. It’s a dating sim, or life simulator, whichever you prefer. It involves a lot of reading, making choices and solving puzzles. The perfect game for someone who can’t play fast paced games yet. One of the best things about these kind of games is the replayability. I’ve only had two different endings, still have hidden romances, and parts of the general story I haven’t found yet. There’s supposed to be a secret society. It’s so secret that I haven’t heard anything about it in four play-throughs. I won’t stop until I find them.


I also bought and played Spore. It’s been years since I played it and Steam had a -75% discount, so I bought it. Mostly for the expansion with extra space missions. I remember playing the space stage a lot, like thirty hours or more. I’ve just reached the space stage and didn’t play much of it yet, or any of the ‘new’ content. It during the first two stages, it’s all about making the best possible and fun/nice/awesome looking creature. Then it’s about designing the buildings. Those things took up most of my time playing.

(Note: I wanted to make a Quaggan alien, but failed, so I made a bird-like thing. The planet is still named Quaggan though.)

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