Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
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I’m not the kind of gamer who sticks to one game. I also blame my chronic neck injury for messing with my concentration span. It’s so short! Some games I don’t even play for ten minutes and I’m already bored. My Raptr Weekly Report looks silly, but some games stick. So what have I been playing lately?

I still play Guild Wars 2 regularly. I try to at least do my dailies and I finished the March monthly two days ago. I finished the Living Story achievements and leveled my warrior to level 41 and my guardian to level 7. I made some progress with map completion with my ranger, but not much. I really want to get my warrior to 80 and finish the Norn and Vigil story line.

Battling Tequatl is always a good way to spend your time in Guild Wars 2
Battling Tequatl is always a good way to spend your time in Guild Wars 2

March also have daily sales on gem store items, so I bought the hair-style kit. I already had one to changed my Norn’s hair colour to fit the mental image I had of her when I created her. Before I made the changes, I just had to look at how the colours look on my Sylvari. I had already seen the colours on humans and Charr, but not Sylvari. I found a colour that really looked great on her, but the kits cost money and my cash is limited. So I told myself I’d buy a hair kit whenever it’d come on sale. Now she looks great :)

Meteors in Simcity
Meteors in Simcity

Another big game I’ve been playing is Simcity. Yes, I pre-ordered it, but haven’t had problems with the online DRM. I could play March 7th, since I’m in Europe, but I got in when I was connected to the servers, was able to create a region and a city, played until 4 am. That was on launch day. Even after that I’ve only seen a queue once. I’m enjoying immensely so far. I’m still learning how to make the ultimate city that doesn’t go broke every few months. I’m still looking for people to play a region with, so please leave a comment or add me on Origins (account name Endalia).

The third game is Krater. My lovely boyfriend gave it to me yesterday and I’ve played for about two hours. For me, that’s a long time. I know when it first came out, it was criticised pretty hard. All I remember for that time is that I wanted to play it anyway, just maybe not at that time. When I started playing I remember that it’s pretty hardcore. When one of your team members dies, he’s dead. I don’t really like that, especially when I play a new game. That’s why I’m playing casual mode. I want to get to know the game first and maybe then I’ll play the proper way. I know TotalBiscuit would call me a pussy for not playing the game how it should played.

We survived the apocalypse!
We survived the apocalypse!

The apocalyptic Sweden looks fantastic. You can’t see anyone’s face because everyone is wearing masks, but all the characters have something that defines them. Some colour their masks, other use clothes to express themselves. The customisation of the team members isn’t as good as I had expected. You can’t edit their looks, but you can buy different characters with an alternative colour scheme. The leveling and skills are very interesting though. You have to operate your team members to improve them. It makes sense, how else would you improve someone’s health or strength? I’m only at chapter two and have all my team members at rank 5. Now the grind starts to get them to boot camp so I can go for rank 6 to 15.

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