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Last monday I finished my daily for Guild Wars 2 and startes a new playthrough of Dragon Age:Origins. I still need to finish Awakenings, the other DLC campaigns and 2. I would’ve finished most of Origins by now if Tuesday didn’t happen.

Tuesday morning I did something weird and I almost dislocated my right shoulder. I was just doing my normal morning rituals and suddenly, bam, pain and a burning sensation spread through my shoulder. It’s happened before, multiple times, but always on the left side. I’m right-handed and I can’t do anything with my right arm. Even writing hurts after half a page. I’m typing this on my phone and it’s already tiring. Please excuse the bad spelling or possible typos still stuck in here after I press ‘Publish’.

These things happen from time to time to people who are hypermobile. The last few years were kind to me it seems and all the bad luck build up and comes to me now. Normal, daily activities can be dangerous with hypermobilty syndrome. I can sprain my ankle from walking with flat shoes on a flat surface. Or pull a muscle when washing my hands. It’s just the way it is. I’ve gotten used to it, mostly. But unexpected things, big things like this, aren’t only a problem for me, but also the people around me. My mom has to brush my long hair, my sister had to open a bottle and my dad can only make dinner which I can eat with one hand. My boyfriend can’t even hug me. I wasn’t able to do my job properly and I’m afraid I’m gonna miss a deadline. I want to work, very much, but I can’t. Using the mouse or typing is straining my shoulder. Which means an even slower recovery.

Of course this also means that I can’t game. Last weekend Guild Wars had its easter special. Special items would drop and give you extra points for the Treasure Hunter title. I could’ve used those. Yesterday new April Fools quests were added. Just for the day. They’re plays on The Terminator storylines. Like rescuing Sarah. The end boss was a mechanical golem. Reward: gold, experience and almkst 2k vanguard points. I still have to complete that title track and missed out on doing these repeatable quests. It would’ve made the journey to 160k a lot shorter.

Yesterday Guild Wars 2 opened the Super Adventure Box. It’s an 8-bit game within a game. I’m really excited and want to play it so bad. Mostly because of the super awesome skins. The staff has a moving raven on top. How awesome is that? My mesmer would love that.

If I could play I would played all this. I blame ArenaNet for making such awesome content and making me come back to it everytime. Oh, and Alistair. I’ll make sure I marry him again when I get back to Ferelden.

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