Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

The title is probably a bit confusing but you’ll understand in a second. Four years ago, my now-husband asked me to marry him. Three years ago, I was one week away from getting married. I wanted to look nice in my dress and it pushed me to lose more weight.

I was overweight and the weight was hurting my joints, even more than just my regular joint pain. So losing weight would benefit me greatly. It wouldn’t be easy though since exercise was (and is) a problem because of health issues. So I would need to adjust my diet. That would be the easiest way for me. Reducing the calorie intake to below what I use a day would results in weight loss, regardless of what the calories are.

But just eating 1500 calories of Twinkies wouldn’t be good for me. So instead of going on crash diet, I wanted to alter my eating habits to more healthy foods, dishes, and recipes. I couldn’t do this alone and signed up for Weight Watchers, just for a year, so I would be ready for my wedding and then continue on my own.

Then at my supposedly last fitting session, the seamstress told me I lost too much weight and couldn’t lose anymore. She could take it in, but only if I stopped the process would it fit well on my big day.

Stopping the weight loss process means eating a lot of bad stuff again. The things you swore you wouldn’t eat again. Or not this often. So the week before my wedding I ate cake, cookies, pasta, pizzas again. I love it. Still do. On my wedding day, I ate a lot of delicious food and had a big breakfast at the hotel the next morning.

After that I never went back to the diet I strictly maintained for a year. I still didn’t eat as much as I did before, but the snacks I consumed were less healthy. I had bigger portions. And pasta was a regular again.

I gained weight again, and while I’m not as heavy as I was before, I do need to lose weight again. Preferably another 20 kilos, like I did before. If I lose that much I still won’t be as the preferred weight for my height but I don’t care. I have the size and shape I want to be in my mind. This is what I need to do.

Since three years have passed, I’ve largely forgotten what I ate, what my food habits looked like. I know low-carb recipes helped me and made me feel better, so I’m looking into those. Even just replacing one meal a day with a low-carb version will help me. That, and having a hard look at my snacking habits.

That’s what I’m doing right now. Looking for new recipes to help me with my new diet, while still eating enough anti-inflammatory foods. Good thing these circles overlap in a Venn diagram.

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