Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

Maybe you’ve already heard about it. ArenaNet hosted a contest for new community apps using its Guild Wars 2 API. GW2efficiency is such a creation by David Reeß (queicherius.2563).

It’s possible to share a list of all your characters, their builds and inventory with your friends. Check out my awesome heroes of Tyria. You’ll see that my characters’ inventories are a mess. I’m not good at organizing things, especially when I get a lot of loot that this character can’t use, but another can. I’m lazy with sorting items out. This will make it easier for me to clean up my whole account.

Read on for more about GW2efficiency and a small update on my to-do list

There’s a great overview of your bank and your wardrobe. You can even check how much gold you need to collect all the skins and dyes. I’d need 241,575 gold and 39 silver plus another 7,612 gold and 53 silver to finish my wardrobe and dye collection. I’m guessing it’ll be even more when Heart of Thorns comes out.

Another tiny update for my to-do list before Heart of Thorns. I only have three weeks left of which I’ll be gone for one, so I know that I won’t be able to complete much on my list, but I’ll do my best to make as much progress as possible.

Last weekend was a Stronghold beta with a nice PvP buff. I used to to boost my reward track progress and got another skin and 60 more knowledge crystals. I still need 140 knowledge crystals so any progress I make on the track is good. I’ll work my way to another 60 before the expansion hits. The PvP track also gives me weapon boxes with skins, so that’s another few for my wardrobe.

I’ve completed another map with Anora, Blazeridge Steppes, and I’m working through the Iron Marches now. It’ll be a while before I hit the 100%. I’ll keep trucking on :)

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