Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
April Fools 2014 - Guild Wars 2

I read about it somewhere last year and I’ve wanted one long before this longing had a name. I’ve played other games with this feature and it’s something I know I’ll spend a lot of time and money on. Yes, I’m talking about the wardrobe.

Maybe it’s grown on me, taught me from early age. My mother gave me her old Barbie things and a new things of my own. I had tons of clothes and had an actual wardrobe for her clothes. Most of the time I was just changing outfits.

The Sims - Create a Sim
The Sims – Create a Sim

Then I started playing The Sims. I’m still playing it (the newer version), although I wouldn’t really call it playing. I create new Sims, build an awesome house and start a new family. If I actually get passed the dressing up and building, I’ll give them a job to earn money for new clothes. I think I’ll give them a make over every two sim-weeks.

One of my very secret guilty pleasures is Style Boutique, the fashion game originally for the Nintendo DS. I’ve collected almost all of the styles from all the seasons and brands and I’ve never lost a fashion show. Every time I start up the game, my avatar gets a new outfit.

League of Legends - Arcade Sona
Arcade Sona

Just about any game with cosmetic or aesthetic items will grab my attention, but the trick is to keep me interested. If everything is locked behind micro-transactions, the game has to be really good to keep me playing. I’ve played League of Legends for a long time, but was never able to buy skins (lack of money). The game was still fun to play with all the shinies. When I finally had enough money (and a job) I bought Arcade Sona from my first real salary. Her skin was at the top of my list.

When I heard Guild Wars 2 was getting a wardrobe I almost jumped out of my chair. I would finally be able to buy gemstore skins and clean out my bank. I didn’t want to buy the gemstore skins yet, because I wouldn’t know who to put them on and I wanted most once multiple characters. My bank was filling up with event skins in the mean time. The skins were the best incentive for me to keep playing the events beyond the first round (the minis are second best).

Guild Wars 2 mini
Plushie Griffin mini from Wintersday

Now I can spend hours collecting skins, trying them on in different combinations and colours. I’ll spend more money on the gemstore skins and dye. And I’m really looking forward to dressing up all of my characters. I’m throwing my money at ArenaNet for giving me the feature I wanted the most.

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