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The Clock tower - Guild Wars 2

Blood & Madness – Halloween in Tyria

The Halloween patch, Blood & Madness landed in Tyria last Tuesday. My guildies love loot so we jumped into the labyrinth and walked around killing everything in sight. It changed since last year. New bosses, doors and enemies can be found there. It’s still rich with candy corn nodes, so anyone who’s collecting them for the rewards, can farm more here.

Farming mobs isn’t the only thing with the coming of the Mad King Thorn. There is still the story of the Bloody Prince you can (re)play or any of the other events, PvP or the worst jumping puzzle in the game, the Clock Tower. And let’s not forget rewards!


Halloween outfits for Guild Wars 2

Halloween outfits

On the left is the Hexed outfit, which you can purchase for a total of three Candy Corn Cobs (3000 Candy Corn pieces). In the middle is the Noble Count outfit. This one is available in the gem store for 700 gems. The male version obviously doesn’t have a skirt. The female Asura and Charr also have the male version of this outfit. My ranger wears the Ancestral outfit.

Raiment of the Lich outfit for Guild Wars 2

Raiment of the Lich Outfit

The Raiment of the Lich outfit was released a bit before the patch, I still consider it a Halloween outfit. It’s the new version of the Raiment of the Lich costume from Guild Wars, but it misses the wings. You can buy this for 700 gems in the gem store.

Old Halloween costumes are the Bloody Prince’s outfit, the Witch’s outfit, the Executioner’s outfit and the Mad King’s outfit. I suspect that these will retire soon as well. So get them while they’re hot!

The Clock tower

The Clock tower - Guild Wars 2

The Clock Tower

An old favorite. I remember trying this timed jumping puzzle the first year. It took me at least two days and at least 68 attempts to complete it. After that I completed it three times straight. Once you get to know the path, you’ll get there. If you want try this horrific jumping puzzle, my advice is to look up some videos on YouTube so you know what to expect.

I always pick an armor set that lets me see where I jump. That’s why I used the Ancestral outfit instead of the Noble Count outfit. The big skirt will get in the way of my vision. You can also hide your UI and get a clear view of the obstacles. I still have the default key combination of Shift + CTRL + H. Check your hotkey set up for your combination.

The Clock Tower Rewards Guild Wars 2

Rewards at the top of the tower! Finally made it

It’ll drive you crazy if you don’t have the patience for it, but the rewards are very nice. 25 Trick-or-Treat bags, a box with level 80 exotic gloves (heavy, medium or light) with stats you can choose or a recipe for one of the new utility items. The gloves share the skin of the primitive armor set.  You’ll also get two tonics.

The Labyrinth

The Mad King’s Labyrinth is a place where his horrors come to live. Skeletons, gargoyles, Candy Corn elementals, mummies, spiders. Both the Mad King and the Bloody Prince spawn doors. There are green and purple doors indicating the difference, but as you run around and kill stuff, you won’t see or feel them as different.

I started out with 86% Magic Find and I now have 96% Magic Find. The Trick-or-Treat bags drop plenty and they hold magnificent rewards. They have Essences of Luck dropping from them which will help you find more awesome stuff. I even had the Mini Zuzu, cat of darkness drop from one bag. That cat is worth 12 Candy Corn Cobs.

Even if the mini doesn’t drop for you, it’s easy to farm the Candy Corn pieces. You’ll get at least enough pieces for one Candy Corn Cob every 100 bags. And farming 100 bags doesn’t even take you an hour. The two bigger bosses, the Lich and the Candy Corn Viscount have chests and large bags with even more bags than the one or two that drop from other mobs. Don’t forget your dailies as well! You get another 10 bags just from opening bags.

The Bloody Prince meets the Mad King Thorn in Guild Wars 2

The Bloody Prince meets the Mad King Thorn. A typical father and son conversation.

You’ll sometimes hear a conversation between the emo Bloody Prince and his father, the Mad King Thorn. The conversation is hilarious. I really wish there were more random conversations.

The Lunatic inquisition

This is the PvP event. The map is the same as the Labyrinth. I played this last year a few times and I don’t think it’s a lot of fun, but I’m not a PvP player. I’m still a rabbit rank PvP’er.

The game rules are a bit different from normal PvP. One player is selected as a Courtier and has to kill the villagers (anyone who isn’t a courtier) to convert them to the court. When all the villagers are converted, the courtiers win. When there are still villagers left when the timer runs out, it’s a villager’s victory.

Lunatic Inquisition Guild Wars 2

My guardian Miira as a Courtier in Lunatic Inquisition

As a villager you start out with only one skill, hide. Other items and bundles can be found on the map to help defend against the courtiers.

I have played this a few times last year, but I didn’t like it as much. The rewards are 3 to 10 Trick-or-Treat bags, depending on what your role is at the end of the game. Once a day you’re also given a Splendid Chest. There is also an achievement matched to this event.

Mad King Says

The Mad King returns every hour to play a game of Mad King Says. It’s exactly like Simon Says, but in Guild Wars 2 you have to use the emotes. If you’ve played this game in Guild Wars one, you’ll be familiar with most commands. But only use the commands when he says Mad King says! If you don’t, you’re disqualified.

The Mad King in Lion's Arch Guild Wars 2

The Mad King wandering around Lion’s Arch when he’s not playing his game

You’ll get a chest every time you participate in the event. The first time you’ll get a mask skin. After that it’s Trick-or-Treat bags. 10 for a perfect game. 2 or 1 if it’s imperfect. It still counts as an event, so you’ll get karma, gold and experience for completing the event.

Below are the commands you need to use. Type them before the timer runs out!

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