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First Guild Wars 2 fanfic

This is my first attempt at real fan fiction. The characters featured in my stories are my own and of my friends. The world of Tyria and all the things related to the Guild Wars franchise are of course ArenaNet’s.

This isn’t the story where all the characters are introduced, but you’ll get to know what kind of people they are from their interaction with each other. I’ll write more stories about these and other characters, switching them up.

Please let me know what you think in the comments or on twitter.

Dogs and Ogres

“ Argh! It’s not working. He’s too powerful,” grumbled Dronaire.

“No way. He’s half dead already,” said Captain Pinkbeard, shooting the ogre with one of his pistols.

“Half dead? I don’t know where you get that idea, but he’s definitely not half dead.” Naella dodged another boulder thrown by the ogre and fired a crippling shot, slowing the ogre. Her fernhound Bark, charged the ogre at that moment, biting his calf.

“Haha. Your dog likes the good meat, but maybe we should cook it before he eats it,” laughed L L MJ.

She’s not a dog, but a fernhound.” Naella glared at the large norn. “She might mistake you for another ogre if you don’t watch your manners.”

“Dog, hound. It’s all the same. It walks on four legs and doesn’t talk. If it did, it would called a charr.”

“Haha. That’s a good one!” Captain Pinkbeard almost missed his shot from laughing.

Naella became agitated by the norn’s disrespect for nature. “What about wolves?”




“A sleepwalking Asura?”

“Definitely a dog,” screamed Captain Pinkbead with a grin on his face.

“Guys, help please? I think we almost have him, but he can still kill us all if we don’t watch out.” Dronaire tried to slash the ogre, but his greatsword couldn’t cut through his thick skin.

L L MJ jumps on the ogre and starts whirling around with his greatsword. The thousand cuts bleed the ogre dry.

“Loot! Finally.” Captain Pinkbeard exclaimed, running towards the chest in the ogre’s cave. It took the skilled thief a few seconds before the chest opened and revealed it’s contents. He picked up the sword and examined it. “Hm… It doesn’t seem very special. I’ll take it anyways. I can probably use the materials for something else.” He checked the chest again and found a silver and a few copper coins. A smile appeared as he said “noice”.

“I still don’t get why you use that word.” Naella stood behind him with crossed arms.

“It’s dialect. You wouldn’t understand unless you were a pirate.” The norn waved away her comment and focused on his new sword.

“Is that so? Then why doesn’t L use it? He’s a pirate” she asked. She eyed L L MJ as if to ask for his support.

He raised his hands and took a step backwards. “Please leave me out of this.”

“And me,” echoed Dronaire. “You’re both being silly.” He paused for a moment to inspect the heavy gloves he found and said “Look, Captain. Another ogre to your left”.  He looked at Captain Pinkbeard running towards the ogre. “I quite like the design of this.” The Sylvari bagged the gloves and ran after the norn.

A pair of curious eyes looked at her. “Go ahead, bite his ankles,” Naella sighed and gave Bark the command to attack the ogre and ran after her friends while grabbing an arrow and aiming for the ogre’s head.

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