Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

I hit a milestone: 13.000 achievement points! That’s quite something, right? Well, I don’t know. I think you can have around 40k achievement points if you’ve done every single achievement in the game, ever. It’s a lot. My 13k is small in comparison. Especially considering I’ve been playing since the three-day head start.

Still, it’s a milestone, and Guild Wars 2 rewards accordingly. Some gold, a nice skin and a permanent 1% boost to magic find. I’ll take increased magic find any day.

New mount skin

I got a Black Lion Key to open a Black Lion Chest and got the above pretty skin. It’s the Adventure Box Raptor skin that’s a rare drop now. I was lucky enough to get it. Getting a 2000 gem skin is pretty nice. It’s pretty cute, and glitchy. It’s my second mount skin, with my Stardust jackal skin. My other mounts are all default, but with a pretty dye job. I’d love to have a nice skin for all of them but they’re so expensive. So I’ll have to cross my fingers whenever I get wardrobe unlock. Unlocking more other skins will increase my chance of getting a mount skin.

And Then It Started

Or ended. The problems on the EU servers started, and the enjoyment I felt getting back into the game, achieving my goals, exploring new places, all of it was gone. It started with the rollback on the 12th. Then followed a 24+ hour maintenance period. They fixed the rollback although they couldn’t recover the progress people made between the rollback and the maintenance.

When the servers came up again, the login server was flooded, which doesn’t surprise me. What did surprise me is that most players still had lag issues days later. Yesterday I wanted to walk through Crystal Desert, but the lag was so bad the random mobs killed me before I moved 10 meters. It was insane. Unplayable.

And then this morning I saw a post on reddit about more login issues. People can’t connect to the game. Again. Around the same time as the rollback issues last week. What is happening?

As of right now, ArenaNet hasn’t put out an official statement about what went wrong and how they went about fixing it. But if things like this keep happening, I think they should tell us more than just “we’re aware and working on it”. If they can’t fix these issues and don’t communicate well, they will absolutely loose players.

I planned on getting the deluxe or collector’s edition of the third expansion, but now I’m not so sure. I really wanted to do another 25 BL chest opening to see what I got, but that’s not going to happen. Unless I start farming keys. I’m curious but also a little anxious about what ArenaNet is going to do now. I want to believe in them, give them the benefit of the doubt, but it’s getting harder. And other games are calling me. One day I will not look back.

I wrote the first half of this post before the rollback happened, so excited to finally get my 13k AP. And then it was gone. All the effort I put into it. Other people lost legendaries, map completion, newly made characters, and whole accounts. It sucked. Both for the players and ArenaNet, but it seems we’re not passed it yet. I hope these server issues stop before the next episode hits. Who knows.

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