Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

I don’t think I ever shared my characters, so this might be a good time to introduce them. I’m starting with the my main characters, since I have 16 characters and don’t want to overwhelm you with all of them in one post.

Naella Ysangwan – Human Ranger

Naella is the one I played the most and consider my main at the moment. She used to have her trusty fernhound with her, Bark. So far, I’ve only written one story about her. Maybe she’ll make a return one day, but not anytime soon.

She has the most percentage completed of the world map. Core Tyria is done, but I haven’t done the Heart of Thorns or the Path of Fire maps yet. That’s mostly because I don’t have all of the masteries yet so it’s kind of impossible to have all done. I’m going to try to get 100% in all of them though, at least with her.

Miira Lightbringer – Charr Guardian

Miira is one of my favourites. The hammer guardian is so much fun to play but only in PvE. Miira is also the main character in most of my fanfics. I especially enjoyed writing the cub parts of her story. I’ll keep writing them although they’re not my priority right now.

I really like how she looks. White with black stripes. She has a gentle but strict expression. That’s a leftover from her time with Torruhk and the others. I tried to integrate their story with the heart events on the maps. They’re interesting bits and all related to the area. Hopefully, it’ll feel more real too since you can visit the places they’ve been. Maybe you’ll understand the areas a bit better too if you normally don’t pay attention to the story.

Anora Lorya Sera – Sylvari Mesmer

Anora is the second character I made during the first day of the three-day headstart and my first main. I played her for a looooong time before I switched to my ranger. I really liked the butterflies, purple colours, clones. Popping a clone and running away was my favourite thing to do. Now I use my pet to distract the enemies.

I haven’t played enough with her since the expansions to know either of the elite specializations. I think I unlocked chronomancer, but haven’t done mirage yet.

Kaibush Treewood – Sylvari Thief

I participated in the Heart of Thorns beta and tried the daredevil. I really liked the class so I made one when the game launched and since I wanted a sylvari in all armor classes, I made one. He’s black with red accents.

The elite specs are so hard to complete if you don’t have good enough equipment to do the expansion maps. Honestly, I think I still have green or yellow gear. I have to craft full sets of armor and equipment for all of my chars at some point. That’s long term though.

For now I’m really enjoying doing map completion, meta events, and continuing the Living World story.

What would you like to know about my characters? I might do a full dedicated post with more background information on them in the future. Like full character sheet with builds, equipment, background, etc.

Come back later to meet other characters!

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