Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

Years ago, Super Adventure Box (SAB) started as the April Fool’s joke. The 8-bit inspired 3D platformer world is a game within a game. The move mechanics are still the same, but the attacks, skills, and items are all different. Even the story is completely unrelated to the usual Tyrian drama. It was supposed to be a one time thing (which didn’t make sense because they only had three levels while the end boss was still far away. The festival has become so popular people are requesting its return. It has been a while since the festival was there, and now it’s back!

And I hate it.

I don’t care about SAB at all. The art style is cute for sure, and I definitely tried to beat a few levels when it first came out. But I suck at it. I suck at it so much it’s more frustrating than the Halloween jumping puzzle. I know that I won’t get past the second level of the first world. I’m not even going to try. It’s not worth the aggravation I’ll experience.

Still, I’m glad it has returned for the people who’ll enjoy it. It’s nice to see they’re adding new achievements and rewards for the fans. Maybe I’ll buy another skin someday. So far I have the blue 8-bit scepter and staff. I wanted them for my mesmer and I still like them very much. The minis are cute too. Especially the breakdancing, sunglasses-wearing spider.

There’s more than enough I still have to do, like finishing the last saga episodes and unlocking more masteries. I just unlocked enough mastery points for the next level of the raven mastery line, so I just have to get enough experience. Maybe I’ll get some nice drops and finally get enough gold to buy a griffon. I still have to unlock that one and the skyscale.

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