Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

I didn’t feel very well the past week. My hip hurt, so I spend time in bed watching Life Unexpected. Netflix has some fun new stuff to keep me busy. I did game some. A few games of ARAM and Guild Wars 2.

Our guild has become really active. Playing together, hunting loot bags in Edge of the Mists and dungeons. We’re upgrading like crazy. Soon we’ll be able to do guild missions. That’ll be fun. Halloween started yesterday, so we’ll do those events.

I found my first ascended weapon in Edge of the Mist. It has Knight’s stats. Pretty good for WvW. It drops as a box and you can choose which weapon you want. I picked the greatsword as I use that on my ranger, mesmer, warrior and guardian. I’m glad that it’s account bound instead of soulbound. Isn’t it wonderful? :)

Ascended Greatsword Guild Wars 2
The greatsword received its green colour from the Knight’s stats
Beigarth's Claymore Guild Wars 2
Beigarth’s Claymore stats




















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