Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
Guild Wars 2 - Taidha Boss Battle

I went back to work after our little trip. That meant less play time, except during the evenings and weekends. I usually play my two standard games during those times: League of Legends and Guild Wars 2. Playing ARAM with friends really is a highlight of my week. We chill, have fun and if we lose, we lose. No hating, just keep playing and hope for a better match up for the next game.

Our guild, Orto Sole, has grown over the past few weeks. Friends got back into Guild Wars 2 and brought friends. We started doing boss runs (world boss battles) and dungeon runs. We finished the story mode and all explorable paths of the Ascalonian Catacombs. Soon we’ll start the story mode and explorable paths of Caudecus’s Manor, slowly finishing all the dungeons. Then we’ll start doing Fractals.

The Mega Destroyer in Mount Maelstrom  - Guild Wars 2
The Mega Destroyer in Mount Maelstrom

When we’re not doing group events, I try to progress my other characters. Exploration, leveling my guardian to level 80, gather materials for crafting The Crossing, ascended items and make preparations for a legendary. Hopefully I’ll have some more fancy items next year.

I finished Hatoful Boyfriend last week, after I wrote about it. It’s my first Steam game with 100%. The story blew my mind. I never expected that in a dating sim. I really hope some of the other visual novels have a story like that as well. I know Fading Hearts has something as crazy in store for me.


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