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September Feature Patch

ArenaNet released the second feature pack on September the 9th. I didn’t really expect another feature pack would be released so soon, but it’s very welcome. I love new, free content in games that I love to play. Who doesn’t like free stuff that keeps you playing? ArenaNet has given us some new amazing things, but nothing can beat the wardrobe feature, right?

They did add new things to the wardrobe, like the miniature collection and the finishers. It’s now possible to select a mini to follow you anywhere without it taking up space in your inventory or the need to be activated every time the map reloads. You can preview all minis and finishers. I really missed that, since it’s not possible to preview them in the trading post.

I’m highlighting a few of the new features. These will impact how I’ll play Guild Wars 2 in some way or help me enjoy it even more.

Most anticipated: collection achievement

Collection Achievements | Guild Wars 2

The basic collection achievements

After reading the blog posts about the feature patch, I became the most excited about the collection achievements. I love collecting things and now I’m being rewarded for it. But ArenaNet isn’t going easy on us collectors. They’ll take up time and I really hope the rewards are worth it.

In the screenshot above you can see some of the basic collections I’ve unlocked. Most of the dungeon skins I’ve collected by playing PvP before the new wardrobe. It’ll take a long while to collect all the dungeon skins and it forces you to purchase the ones that you don’t like as well. For the Caudecus Manor collection, you’re rewarded a Magnificent Nobleman’s Chest and it contains the following: “Contains dragonite ore, obsidian shards, rare and exotic gear, champion loot bags, and the ascended accessory DeLana’s Coinpurse.” You need the DeLana’s Coinpurse for another collection, the Dungeoneer collection. You see what you need to do to complete all the collections?

Besides the basic collections, you have the rare collections and the Blacklion collections. In the rare collections, it’s the more expansive stuff, like the exotic collection and the treasure hunter. The Blacklion collections are the weapon skin collections which you can obtain with the special tickets.

Most enjoyable: miniature collection

Miniature Wardrobe | Guild Wars 2

The new home for your minis

The new wardrobe added in the last feature patch, was my favorite new feature. ArenaNet continued to build on this. In the screenshot above you see a part of my mini collection. You can toggle the mini to follow you anywhere without the need to activate it. I like this very much. You can see the scale of the minis and see that some are not so mini at all.

The downside of this is that it drops your frame rate. Most people have a mini out now and in busy areas or WvW, it’ll lag your game. But you can turn them off in the options if it’s too much.

Most useful: improved trading post

The Blacklion Trading Post has received a complete overhaul. Searching for the right equipment is easier. You can search on armor type, stats, rarity, etc. It’s a lot faster as well. Anyone who uses the trading post on a regular basis will love this improvement.

For a complete overview on all the new features, I refer you to official page and patch notes.

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