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Tarakona Kohimuhimu - Guild Wars 2

Tyria Times – To-Do List Before Heart of Thorns

Even before the announcement of Heart of Thorns, I’d written a list of all the things that I want to do in Guild Wars 2 this year. The coming of the expansion has only made me more excited and pushed the deadline forward. I don’t want to complete all of this, this year, but before the expansion hits. Since I’ve no idea when it’ll come, I’ll have to hurry up :)

10 Characters

At the moment I have nine slots filled. A few of them are only level 2 since I’ve just created those. I need at least three more character slots. One is for my tenth character, an asuran male warrior, the eleventh is for my Revenant, the twelfth is a spare slot for whatever. These are the characters I already have

  • Naella Ysangwan, human female ranger level 80
  • Miira Lightbringer, charr female guardian level 80
  • Aurora Diamanda, norn female warrior level 80
  • Anora Lorya Sera, sylvari female mesmer level 80
  • Savyrius Belain, human male elementalist level 47
  • Catniss Everclean, charr female engineer level 7
  • Tenise Williams, human female guardian level 2
  • Tarakona Kohimuhimu, norn female necromancer level 3
  • Kaibrush Treewoord, sylvari male thief level 2

At least four more Level 80s

Four of my characters are level 80 and I’d like to have at least four more, or all of them, at level 80 before the expansion hits. I think it’s doable since leveling is very easy and Tomes of Knowledge and Writs of Experience speed up the process even more.

Two or more at 100% World Completion

My mesmer already has 72% world completion, so finishing that shouldn’t be too difficult. Maybe Orr will be a problem, but I’ll fight my way through there. My other characters have a world completion of 15% or less.

All Level 80 characters outfitted with full exotic weapon and armor sets

What’s a level 80 without at least full exotic? Not much. I don’t expect this to be a problem. Especially since the synergy with the next items on the to-do list. I can craft exotics for all my toons and level the crafting professions and unlock skins in the mean time.

I also have 118% base magic find. Doing boss runs, dungeon runs and farming the Silverwastes gives me enough loot to outfit most of my toons.

Naella Ysangwan - Guild Wars 2

Naella Ysangwan is the first to have ascended gear. Some found, crafted or bought.

All crafting professions at 500 (400 for chef and jeweler)

I already have chef, jeweler and leatherworker at max. The other professions, armorsmith, weaponsmith, artificer, tailer and huntsman, are all above 400. The last bits are the hardest, but since I need to craft exotics, it’s a bit easier. It doesn’t feel like a waste crafting new things.

Have 1000 skins

I currently have 857 of the 1000 skins. I’m getting the last few by unlocking craftable skins that I haven’t unlocked yet, do PvP with the dungeon reward tracks active and craft ascended armor. Maybe I’ll buy some cultural armor, but I want to save that for last. I need the money for crafting.

All skins from crafting non-recipes crafting items

This is basically what I’m going to do to achieve the item above. I know there are craftable skins for the collections, such as the krait and grawl weapons, but I’m not counting those. I have most of the krait skins already and the grawl weapons require Giant Skulls. They are hard to come by, so I don’t expect to finish that collection soon.

All Living Story achievements

This is a must for the next item on the to-do list, unlock the bioluminesence armor. Each collection requires an ascended item, which you receive after you complete all the achievements for each  episode. I already have some achievements, but not a lot. I really need to work on that.

The Newly Awakened - Guild Wars 2

The Newly Awakened – A story step in season 2 of the Living Story.

Bioluminesence Armor complete

I just really like the armor, ok?

Finish The Crossing

I also love this skin. I grinded during Halloween to get all the Halloween ingredients. All that’s left are the glacial lodestones and the 500 Knowledge crystals.

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