Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

Last friday was frustrating. I had to go to work while tons of people were playing Guild Wars 2 with the release of Heart of Thorns. I was dieing to go home and play, but not Heart of Thorns. I wanted to play Halloween. The Mad King returned to Lion’s Arch and make Tyria a slightly scarier place. Between the four Elder Dragons, Mad King Thorne is hardly scary.

I’ve been haunting the labyrinth since Friday, leveling my thief. He’s close to 80 now and I’m sure he’ll get there before next weekend. This isn’t the same Halloween update as last year, but rather the one of the first Halloween with some added stuff. The dungeon is revamped and new skins are in.

ArenaNet teased us with an ascended shoulder piece. It turns out it’s an invisible shoulder piece but with added effect. It’s called Nightfury and when you have it equipped, ghostly bats will fly all around you. They’ve added previous items with the same aura effects before, like the Preservered Queen Bee, an extremely rare drop from the Mordrem Vinewrath.

You have to collect at least four tattered bat wings for the recipe (found in the Mad King’s chest), but the complete recipe and ingredients are currently unknown. Players have gathered on Reddit to find the missing ingredients and GuildWarshub has a nice overview of the research done.

Other new skins have been added as drops as well. I haven’t been lucky enough to get any of them, although I would like the Pumpkin Smasher (hammer) or Vassago (axe). I like Nest (scepter) as well, but the idea of tiny spiders crawling all over my character sort of freaks me out.

So, no skins. But I did get something else and that might make me luckier than most people. One of the Trick-or-Treat bags gave me a Mini Gwynefyrdd. Last year it had a droprate of 0,0001% and people were doubting it was real, because they hadn’t seen it anywhere. They added the mini to the merchant’s list this year. Worth: 100 Candy Corn Cobs, or 100.000 Candy Corn pieces.

Did you find any awesome Halloween skins?

Come back this Friday for a special Halloween themed short story! I will also announce something entirely different.

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