Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

Every year, Wintersday is celebrated in Tyria and Elona. This year Toymaker Tixx is flying his airship/workshop around Tyria to celebrate. He has made stops in The Grove, Divinity’s Reach, Hoelbrak, The Black Citadel and Rata sum before going to Lion’s Arch for his grand finale.

The Wintersday has been awesome. I’ve to be honest and say that I haven’t done the Toypocalypse yet, but all the capital events were great. True, the Black Citadel was buggier than the others, but it’s a lot of fun. The events appeared as dungeons and the recommended party is five, but it’s possible to solo or play with one friend. Each event in a different capital would reward you with crafting material for Wintersday Toys. A Toy Ventari for The Grove. A Toy Soldier for The Black Citadel. A Plush Griffon for Hoelbrak. A Princess Doll for Divinity’s Reach. And a Toy Golem for Rata Sum. You received a Toy Frame and stuffing or glue to make a mini pet.

The Plush Griffon
The Plush Griffon

It’s also possible to use the frames to make an Endless Toy Tonic, specifically for each toy. I still haven’t found the correct way to get the Endless Toymaker Tonic, which allows you to transform in the five toys or a Festive Dolyaks. The Gemstore has a variaty of new outfits and weapon skins. It’s also possible to find other skins in small, large or giant wintersday gift boxes which you can get from killing mobs, opening giant present in PvE or buying from the gemstore. Just like Christmas, Wintersday has brought many different new items, mostly cosmetic, for us to chase.


The crown on this very delicious cake with white frosting has to be the mini Quaggan. It’s possible to combine the three minis obtainable from the Gemstore wintersday chests into Foostivoo The Merry. I want it so badly, but it’s very rare and not directly buyable from the gemstore. Hopefully that’ll change :)

Did you enjoy this year’s Wintersday in Tyria?

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