Arclight Varus Skin Giveaway

[Update 26-3-2014] All keys have been given away. I hope everyone got the key they wanted. I will keep my eye out for more and new giveaways. There are still people in the comments who wish to trade keys from other servers. Help them out if you can. Share the love. If you didn’t get this skin, you can still claim Garen, Tristana and Alistar for free. Check out the links on the right side.

Alienware will be giving away the Arclight Varus skin throughout the month of March. These keys are limited, so get them fast. You can sign up and Alienware will send you an email with the time when you can claim a key. The keys are for NA and EU server, although they don’t specify for which EU server they are. You’re only able to claim one key.

I received this skin from a mystery gift and I like it very much :) As with the other free skins, even if you don’t have the champion, you will be able to claim the skin and thus receive the champion for free.

[Update 07-03-2014]The first week of the giveaway is over! Didn’t get the skin? Don’t worry, Alienware is still giving them away for the next three weeks :) I noticed that the EU giveaway started at 19.00 CET (10 am PST). They also mentioned in the mail that it’s very likely that the keys will be gone within 15 minutes.

Also, check out Mark’s comment below. I have no idea if it works. It didn’t feel right for me to claim one of your keys. Please let me know if it works. Also, if someone could send me the starting time of the NA release last Tuesday, that would great :) We can help each other.

[Update 11-3-2014] Cato confirmed it to work. Share the love. If you have a code for EU server, consider sharing it with someone from the other EU server :) Tonighy is another NA giveaway! Be ready!

20 thoughts on “Arclight Varus Skin Giveaway”

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for your comment! Do you know for sure that the code works on both servers? Even after it has been claimed on one? It would be nice if that’s the case :)

  1. Hi there,

    The codes should work once in each server. At least it did for the PAX codes given last year. I had a Arcade Hecarim code that I was able to redeem in NA, and then also in another account on EUW. It most likely worked in the other servers too.

  2. Hi,

    Just wanted to update. The NA codes from the giveaway are actually only for NA region. I grabbed a code today for the NA give away and it doesn’t work in my EUW account.

    Sorry about that! I thought it would be like the PAX codes that they hand out that work once for each region, but these ones are region locked.

    1. Thanks for the update. They might not be cross region, but the EUW/EUNE seems to work. It’s something. Congrats on the code! I hope you have fun playing Varus :)

  3. Hi there!

    I was just looking for Varus information because I’ve been farming the ADC rune page for long now just to play him :) I’m from EUW, if someone from EUNE cares to share a code. I’d be hella-glad since I have to farm now the IP to buy the champion.

    Share the love folks! :)

  4. Hey, i’m in the same position that Manu is, if someone has an EU code only used on EUNE can please share with us? Thank you very much =D

  5. Hi!
    Can i get te key code for Varus.
    I really like the champion! :D
    Im on EUW servwr.

    1. You can try to get one today. I don’t have any I can give away. All you can do is queue up like the rest of us :)

  6. Hey guys, I have a NA varus skin code, does anyone have one for EUNE to trade with me? I really want the skin

  7. Please share code id love to have it playing this game for a while now really enjoy it . i would love a euw code please send me a email or add me on LOL Superpancake1999. Thanks alot:)

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