Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
Karma Remake, finally!

This is what the new default Karma looks like. Isn’t she awesome? But, wait? Where are her fans?

Riot has given Karma, not only a visual remake, but also rewrote her lore and her abilities also have been remade. They say she’ll be released on the PBE servers soon. I guess then we’ll know what her abilities will be, but until then we know that she’ll get a new dress and that she’s been very busy kicking ass. Her new name is Karma, The Enlightened One and Riot wanted to move her lore forward. So now she’s all about action and her fans had to go. Her newly found inner spiritual energy will gather in the Jade Dragons floating behind her back. I’m guessing that these will disappear as you use her mantra skills (yes, they confirmed that her mantra power stays).

This will be her new default skin. See? No fans. But, for all Karma fans, who owned her before her relaunch, will get her old default skin for free. It will be renamed to the Traditional Skin. You can still buy Karma until the day of re-release and get the Traditional Skin for free. If you missed out on it, it will be available for limited time in the shop.

You can read more about her remake here.

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