Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

Last weekend we played the League of Legends competition with NBI participants. We went 4 vs 4 ARAM, All Random, All Mid. Everyone gets a random champion that they own or are free during that week ans there is just one lane. The objective is still to destory the enemy’s nexus, before they can destroy yours.

I usually play on the EU West server, but Izlain hosted it on the NA server. Since levels, champions, runes and masteries don’t transfer, I played with a level 2 with no champions, no runes and no masteries. It doesn’t matter much, but it explains why I ended up last. How do you play an AP champ when you don’t have AP? Or a tank without the extra armor? Of course I also made some dumb decision like diving in, but not as much as usual.

I invited my boyfriend to play with us, because we lacked people. J3w3l was still clinging to her bed and Simcha had family matters to attend (family comes first, especially when there’s a new born involved. Congrats again, Simcha!). Izlain’s brother in law joined as well and Xanryuu was forced to join the NBI. Other NBI’ers are Murf, Nitocris and Maligma.

A special note for Murf. Murf is a master of masculinity, especially playing Soraka once and Quinn twice. We actually switched Zyra and Master Yi. If not, he’d have played all female and Xin Zhao. But he has long hair, so maybe he counts a bit as woman *hides*.

Xanryuu and Nitocris both had ranked points. Xanryuu plays in the Silver Division and Nitocris plays in the Bronze Division. I’ve never played ranked and I don’t have the ambition to play in a competitive scene. I don’t really know where my skill level is, but nowhere near these guys. All of the players were very good and that’s probably why it was so much fun.

We were supposed to start at 1 PM PST, but not everyone was present. The first real match was almost two hours later, which was midnight for us. We’re used to play League of Legends until deep in the morning as we usually do that with friends. We played until 2.40 and 5 matches. Nito had to leave early, but J3w3l took his place as she finally got out of bed (it was 7 in the morning for her).

I really enjoyed playing with everyone and all of the matches were really close. My boyfriend streamed the matches on Twitch which you can watch back. There were only two people on voice chat, but maybe for a next time we should get everyone to join. Izlain has written a factual report of the games with screenshots and, very important, the results!

Izlain is organising a Civilization V game next. Let him know if you’re interested in playing with us. I know I’ll be joining if I can!

Here’s a list of all the Twitters and blogs of the participants. Go check them out. They’re awesome and love games just as much as you and I :)

Izlain @mevsmyselfandi

Murf @ctmurfy

Nitocris @rrbtg

J3w3l @ausj3w3l

Droniac @Droniac



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    You’re right! I didn’t realize I had played so many women. ‘Murf, Master of Femininity’ doesn’t have quite the same ring though. Maybe Murf, the Ladykiller-Wither?

    No … I should just stop …

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      Hahaha xD I think J3w3l will think up a nice nickname for you ;)

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