Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

Ever since I started playing League of Legends, I played ranged AD carry champions. The oneI normally play is Sivir (she’s cheap and I knew I’d like her). But Caitlyn was free a few weeks ago and I tried her once before that. The only thing I can say is that I love to play her.

Her damage is better, her range is better, her poke is better (compared  to Sivir). It’s not surprising since Caitlyn is a tier 1 champion and Sivir a tier 4. Like with every other champion, I needed some time to get used to her, especially her skills. Using her Yordle Snap Traps and 90 Caliber Net takes skill before you can use them effectively. Also the combination of using the trap’s stun, the net and her ult, Ace in the Hole, is awesome, but needs good timing and placement of the trap. The ‘downside’ to the trap is that it’s visible to everyone. A skilled enemy will not walk into it. This knowledge can be used to your advantage by placing traps in key places. Another nice thing to do is place them in the bushes where they cannot be seen until the enemy steps 

in it.

I’m still looking for the perfect build for Caitlyn as I’m not sure if AD or AP would make her the best possible or which build goes well with a type of play style. I’ve noticed that some champions fit my play style very well with any kind of build (just too bad they’re all low tiers), but it’s different for Caitlyn. I’ve checked for builds but didn’t find a comparative guide. If you’re a LoL player and have experience with Caitlyn, please leave your suggestion below in the comments :) Thank you

I wrote this article for the map Summoner’s Rift and not Dominion. I have purchased her with hard earned IP, but haven’t had the time and right condition to play her in Dominion. But I’m sure her ult is good to knock back enemies who are trying to cap the tower.

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    You can start with dorans blade then Berserker gr. maybe 1 more dorans then you can go Blood thirster and phantom dancer you can do 1 more PD or Last whisper or Infinity edge next depending on enemy. The thing is with her passive attack speed is good on caitlyn. This build is for summoners rift 5v5 map btw. Don’t even think about ap, cait is a AD carry champ.

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    Nathanaël Lemmens

    cool story bro!
    Shindo is right except for one thing.. which you can already guess.. it’s the bloodthirster item. That’s not the first core item to be focusing on at all. If you’ve got a support champion by your side at bot lane.. focus on IE and PD first then LW for more better armor penetration.

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    Nathanaël Lemmens

    Infinity Edge + Phantom Dancer are the most needed items because of the crit chance, crit damage and dmg/attack speed output. Last Whisper / Madred’s BloodRazor / BlackCleaver / Bloodthirster are OPTIONAL items for EXTRA dmg and to outplay some champions/players who have build some specific build.

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