Level 20!

I have finally reached level 20 in League of Legends which allows me to buy runes and finally be awesome. Because of the team I’m playing with, I’ve adapted the support role in most of these games, with Sona being my favorite. I also tried Janna, since she was free last week, but I think Sona is better in her role as support, healing, giving armor, damage or movement speed when needed. Her ultimate is good in team fights when they’re all grouped together. I stunned 5 enemy champions with one ult last night (so proud *sniff*) and we managed to kill three of them. So for now, Sona will be my most used champion.

Now I’ve to get myself to level 30 as fast as I can, because they wanna play ranked with me. Apparently I’m that good, but I don’t believe them.

Free Tristana Champion + Skin

Ok, this is quite old but it still works. Get your free Tristana champion and the Riot Girl skin for free if you become a Facebook fan of League of Legends! I’ve noticed some people have difficulty finding the right page to like, but here are the easy “facebook connect” links for every server location.

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League of Legends – Caitlyn

Ever since I started playing League of Legends, I played ranged AD carry champions. The oneI normally play is Sivir (she’s cheap and I knew I’d like her). But Caitlyn was free a few weeks ago and I tried her once before that. The only thing I can say is that I love to play her.

Her damage is better, her range is better, her poke is better (compared  to Sivir). It’s not surprising since Caitlyn is a tier 1 champion and Sivir a tier 4. Like with every other champion, I needed some time to get used to her, especially her skills. Using her Yordle Snap Traps and 90 Caliber Net takes skill before you can use them effectively. Also the combination of using the trap’s stun, the net and her ult, Ace in the Hole, is awesome, but needs good timing and placement of the trap. The ‘downside’ to the trap is that it’s visible to everyone. A skilled enemy will not walk into it. This knowledge can be used to your advantage by placing traps in key places. Another nice thing to do is place them in the bushes where they cannot be seen until the enemy steps 

in it.

I’m still looking for the perfect build for Caitlyn as I’m not sure if AD or AP would make her the best possible or which build goes well with a type of play style. I’ve noticed that some champions fit my play style very well with any kind of build (just too bad they’re all low tiers), but it’s different for Caitlyn. I’ve checked for builds but didn’t find a comparative guide. If you’re a LoL player and have experience with Caitlyn, please leave your suggestion below in the comments :) Thank you

I wrote this article for the map Summoner’s Rift and not Dominion. I have purchased her with hard earned IP, but haven’t had the time and right condition to play her in Dominion. But I’m sure her ult is good to knock back enemies who are trying to cap the tower.

Free Alistar Champion + Skin

Riot Games always have these promotional things and this time you have to sign up to their Youtube channel. As a reward you will get the champion Alistar for free, if you don’t have him yet, and the cool blue bull, Unchained Alistar skin.

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Blog update

I’ve updated the About pages. Nothing interesting has been added, but it’s more personal now :) And yes, again, a new theme. I love the widget on the left side <3

How to kick butt with elves


How to do 10300+ damage with Nissa Revane’s Ears of the Elves deck in Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers

As I wrote in my last post, I started playing Duels of the Planeswalkers when it came out on Steam. I still haven’t finished it, only the challenges. Right now, I’m busy trying to unlock all the cards of the decks I’ve unlocked. This time it was Nissa Revane’s turn. At the time of playing the “epic win”-match, I had unlocked 13 of the 18 unlockable cards. I was halfway of kicking Elspeth’s butt when I thought that things could turn out to be a bit more interesting if I didn’t kill her off just yet.

First I played Elvish Visionary, followed by Farhaven Elf and next turn Nath of The Gilt-Leaf. Elspeth still had around 6 cards in her hand then, so with every discard, I would get an elf-token. I got lucky and Lys Alana Scarblade was on the table next turn. With both Nath of The Gilt-Leaf and Lys Alana Huntmaster early in the game I was able to have around 40 elf-tokens when I attacked. Soon after I played my token creators, I played Jagged Scar Archers and got rid of all of Elspeth’s angels. I used Eyeblight’s Ending and Essence Drain to get rid of the Venerable Monks and Youthful Knights when I didn’t have enough power to kill them without being killed.

When I entered my last attack phase, none of the creatures and tokens which entered on my side of the battlefield had left. I probably had around 54 elves in play. Add the +1/+1 from two Elvish Champions and one Imperious Perfect, every elf had +3/+3, except Jagged Scar Archers, which was a 57/57. Add two Coat of arms to that and there you have an amazing army.  With just 15 more cards in my deck, I was preparing for my final attack. It didn’t matter much what I did, I would win anyways, but I wanted to end this well. If this was a multiplayer game, my opponent would’ve rage quit. Right then, I got Immaculate Magistrate and used its ability twice to make my army more powerful. My weakest creature at the moment of my attack was 147/147, but it could have been higher if I hadn’t wasted my Giant Growths and Overrun trying to take screenshots and skipping my attack phase. My strongest elf was 219/219.

Throughout the game, Elspeth tried her best to play the cards she drew, because if she didn’t, she had to discard it right away. It didn’t matter to me much that she had three Angel’s Feathers and a Glorious Anthem on the table. It only allowed me to attack with Rhys the Exiled (before playing Coat of Arms), which gave me a crazy life total.

This deck is one of the most used decks in multiplayer and I can see why. It’s possible to destroy your opponent in 5 turns, which isn’t fun if you lose. Especially if that happens 4 out of 10 games you play. Of course, there will always be favorite decks, as there are favourite characters in other games. But maybe, for the sake of love for the game and the mood of the players, this kind of play should be played against AI. It’s nice to win, but you don’t have to burry them alive.

Here’s the core decklist of Revane’s deck and the list of unlocked cards I used in this game


23 Forest
11 Swamp

2 Elven Riders
2 Elvish Champion
3 Elvish Eulogist
2 Elvish Visionary
4 Elvish Warrior
4 Farhaven Elf
2 Gaea’s Herald
1 Lys Alana Huntmaster
2 Moonglove Winnower
1 Coat of Arms
3 Essence Drain
3 Eyeblight’s Ending
4 Giant Growth
2 Naturalize
1 Overrun

Elvish Champion
Wurm’s Tooth
Immaculate Magistrate
Rhys the Exiled
Wurm’s Tooth
Elvish Champion
Wurm’s Tooth
Jagged Scar Archers
Imperious Perfect
Wurm’s Tooth
Lys Alana Scarblade
Coat of Arms
Eyeblight’s Ending
Nath of The Gilt-Leaf

Epic win!

I’ve been playing Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers since it came out on the PC (a wonderful gift from a dear friend) and today I had my most epic win ever. I don’t think I’m ever going to top this, unless I get the same cards in the same order. What are the chances of that happening in Magic? Very small. This match was between the decks of Elspeth Tirel and Nissa Revane (played by me). Before I attacked, she had a life total of 67. Here’s the win announcement of the game. Epic win in Duels of the Planeswalkers

The five stages of grief

During the winter of 2009/2010 I realized that my pain wasn’t going away by taking a simple pill or painkiller and wait untill it’s over. I didn’t know what was wrong with me but I got a strong feeling that the person who I was, wouldn’t return. I couldn’t remember what it felt like to have a pain-free day.
Looking back at this period, I see different phases in how I dealt with it. They are the same phases when someone experiences grief:
  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

The first stage or phase is denial. I didn’t want to believe that I wouldn’t get better or that it would take a long while. I hated the idea and thought only of the worst possibilities. Anger. I was angry with myself. What if it was my fault? If I did something wrong? If quitting sports is the reason? Maybe I could’ve done something. Maybe not. Bargain. Then the pain got worse and I lost all will to go on. I couldn’t do anything without pain. The only way to not feel the pain was to sleep. However, falling asleep was a problem. There was not comfortable position to sleep in. Everything hurt. I wanted to quit. Just stop. I kept doing the stuff people expected me to do, but my heart and mind weren’t there. I wanted to take a step out of life and get back in when it was all over. Depression. Death didn’t scare me anymore, as it would be pain-free. If there was something growing inside of me which shouldn’t be there, the doctors might be able to get it out with surgery. At least it would be over if they succeed. Taking pills for the rest of my life is doable. The chances were high that I had to do physiotherapy. Of course I would do that if it makes my life pain-free. Acceptance.

Now I know what’s wrong and what I can do to make life as comfortable as possible, I’m going to do it. I will do whatever it takes to get rid of the pain. I know that even if I learn to control my body well enough, my life won’t be same as before. I honestly feel as if I left a part of me behind when it all started. Part of my dreams might never come true without me even trying. Other dreams are reduced to something smaller, more within my reach. My personality and interests are more or less the same, but somewhere deep inside me, I’m different. I am limited, physically and maybe because of that in the rest of my life. But I have accepted it.

I am limited.


Most of the people who read this know I’ve struggled with physical discomfort for a while and I finally have a diagnosis which could’ve been made a lot faster if it weren’t for my idiot doctor.

You can read more about what I have been through the past seven months here: My experiences with Hypermobility

The post is in English but I will add a Dutch version soon.

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