Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
8aa - the view

After acquiring the land, the next step is the house. You can pick a house from the catalog and have it build as is, but where’s the fun in that? I’ll take this chance to make this my dream house. Which means that it won’t be like the other houses build here. Most houses have a standard lay-out, build for optimization. Enough space for a family with two or three children. But these houses are build by the dozen. Whole quarters look the same. And I think that’s a shame. I don’t want to go crazy with the design, but it has to be ‘me’.

I met with two architects this week and both work very differently. One is very organised and has a very clean design. I really like it and wouldn’t mind if they build it as is. The other one is more like an artist. He listened to our requests and wishes and he’ll draw up a blueprint for our dream house. He has already build about eighty houses in the same project and each one is unique. I have no idea in what direction his design will be.

I did notice that some of my wishes are influenced by the design made by the first architect. My boyfriend is ok with most things and our tastes match most of the time. I started listing everything I want in my house and he helped me with the things I forgot. During the conversation with the second architect I specifically told him these things are my wishes and we’re open to almost anything if some of the wishes are granted.

I’m sure we’ll like both designs and it’ll be a hard choice to pick one. I will receive the first plans next week and the second a week later. We’ll judge the two designs by the floor plans, not the outside. While we’ll know where the doors and windows will be, the aesthetic of front will decided later. This won’t be the definite version, but the tweaks will be small.

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    I like the sound of artist architect, that one is more likely to give you more ideas of how to make your house bit more unique yet practical. Of course I am biased, I always try to be unique/quirky from the crowd lol.

    Are you able to view the houses he designed? Might help to get a feel whether s/he’s suits you :)

    Good that you’ll have time to decide as going to be difficult decision I’m sure! :D

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      I’m still really curious to what he’ll make us. I’ve seen his designs on a website and seen one in real life. His style is very nice and practical.

      Just one more week :)

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        Any news?? :D (p.s. what newletter? in the option to comment)

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          Yeah, but I don’t have the plans digitally yet. I’m expecting them this week. So I’ll post the update when I have them :)
          (p.s. I just added the newsletter. More coming about that as well ;) )

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