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The Real Life Sims – The Beginning

It’s official now. I signed the papers for the project, so now it’s actually starting. Between the last time I posted about The Real Life Sims, I’ve met a few building advisors from which I had to choose one. It’s one of the conditions to partake in the project. So what’s happening now?

I’ll be meeting two architects next week. I’ll explain all my wishes for the house and then they’ll draw up a house that fits my wishes. They’ll have to stick to the budget, so if my wishes are too expensive, of course they’ll be cut. I don’t expect the pool I really want. I’d probably need a bigger piece of land as well if I really want that pool.

The building advisor will be present and will help me give priority to the right requests. Choosing glass sliding doors towards the garden over a walk-in closet. Or a bigger bathroom. He will also help me with my budget. I have no experiences with the budgeting of projects, let alone a big one such as a house. With him taking care of that part, it’s a real weight off my shoulders. He checks and approves, then I sign it.

The next few weeks I’ll be looking at blueprints and rearrange walls to get the most out of my house.

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