Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
The Sims 3 House

Just a small update. We had a meeting again yesterday. The walls, windows and doors are definite and we’ll receive a technical drawing next week. It’ll have all the correct measurements and a list of minor options. This means the definite design is almost there. And then the real work gets started.

We need the measurements to plan our kitchen and possibly the bathroom. The Ikea kitchen planner is wonderful and I already made a design I like, but I won’t know how it’ll look exactly until I know how many cupboards I can place.

There’s a bathroom included in the design, but it’s very basic. Our building adviser suggested that maybe we should do the bathroom ourselves. It might be less expansive and more to our liking. I don’t know. Maybe we can redo it at a later time when we have more money.

The most important thing is, next week we know what our house will look like! It’ll be another one and half year before we can move in, but that doesn’t kill my excitement  :-)

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