Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle

It’s been a while. Both architects have sent us their design. My last post has a picture of the first design and above you can see the second design. This one is made by the artistic architect. He started from scratch and this design has most of our wishes. Both houses are beautiful, but which one will it be?

We originally fell in love with the design of the first house. It’s open, lots of light and space. The area where our house will be is also open with lots of green (three small parks, a big park, a small canal and the dunes only fifteen minutes away). So it fits with the rest. But as we sat down with the architect and I told him what I wanted to change, I felt something in my gut. I started to dislike it more and more. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either.

The second architect presented his design as he wanted to explain the choices he made and how the house works. As he started to walk us through the house on paper, I saw it shape in my head. The kitchen, the stairs, the wonderful large bedrooms and roof terrace. I fell in love again. My boyfriend also liked it more than the other. But the architect didn’t design the front of the house yet. About two weeks later we received this via email.

It looks crude now. Especially because of the colours. The bricks are a sandy yellow/beige and the red is wood paneling which can be any colour we want. We both like turquoise, so it’ll probably end up in that spectrum. I really like what he made. It’s nothing like the first house. It’s not as much glass or as open, but it’s a completely different style.

The inside of this house is also more practical than the other. Maybe because this design is closer to conventional houses. I don’t have to deal with a small bedroom which has one wall entirely out of glass with a sliding door to the balcony or figure out what the best place is for the washing machine. Every room in this house has its own use and is specifically made for that. Every piece of necessary furniture fits in those rooms (which wasn’t the case with the other one).

We still have to make our final decision known to both the architects and when we do, we can still change a few things about the design.

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