Princess in a Castle

Princess in a castle
Guild Wars 2 Fire Elemental

I recently found out about and joined the Newbie Blogger Initiative. This blog goes way back to 2009, but I still feel I’m new to blogging. I’ve never been consistent with posting until two years ago. I wrote about the launches of both Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2, but after that the posts became irregular again.

This year I really want to keep things up and post regularly. Joining a blogging community will probably help me do that. Not only has the NBI a rich archive of blogging advice, they also support each other. I hope to learn a lot from my fellow bloggers and make this blog thrive. In return, I will also share my experiences and knowledge with the community. But most importantly, I have to learn to get things done :)


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    Joseph Skyrim

    Hehe, you never really stop learning things regardless of how long you’ve been doing them! :) Welcome to the NBI!

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      Thanks :) I agree and I’m really looking forward to everyone’s blogs!

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