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Blaugust Promptapalooza: Share Characters That Tell Us Something About You

Welcome to a very different Blaugust! We’ve got prompts all month and today it’s my turn. This year we’re doing a mega prompt train organised by Belghast. Bel gave me the following prompt: Tell us about some of your favorite protagonist/s and explain why.

It’s a good prompt, but I’m going to change it slightly. I want to talk about characters in which you can recognize yourself or parts of yourself. The reason why I changed it is I play a lot of RPGs and like to create my own characters. So I wouldn’t even know how to answer the original prompt that well. Even when I look outside of games. The ones that are memorable to me are the ones I identify with, or at least to some degree.

Book Characters

Lizzie from Brace Yourself by S E Smart and Giovanna from The Ice Cream Parlor by Isabella May.

Both these characters are dear to me. Lizzie’s challenges are so very familiar, all the chronic pain, chronic illness, and being disregarded by the people whose help she needed the most. It was my first time hearing about the PIP journey, an application process most disabled people in the UK have to go through to get more financial support. I almost didn’t believe it was real if it weren’t for my own experiences with doctors and assessments. I felt so much for her. But even despite all those challenges, Lizzie still had her sense of humor, got out of bed every morning, took care of her son as a single mom, and found love.

Giovanna or Gigi is another story altogether. She’s a victim of a family feud in the making for years. She thought she would inherit the ice cream store her father had run all those years, the store where she worked in her spare hours, the one where she learned all the secrets about making delicious ice. But it’s her sister who gets the store. She goes on a trip to Italy, the country where she was born, to discover all the delicious flavors and create new ones. It’s Gigi’s attitude to life and everything that I admire. In my own struggles, I recognize the fierceness that Gigi shows as well. She’s still kind and caring, but she’ll drop you the second you betray her. No wasted time on people who don’t deserve it. Gigi chases her dreams and overcomes every obstacles thrown in her way.

Movie character

I’m sure people will sigh as I say this: Mulan and Pocahontas, Disney princesses. And specifically the animated Disney representations. Let’s not talk about the history surrounding these women, or what happens to them. Let’s talk about who they are in the Disney movies and what they meant to me.

I’m tanned, thanks to my Indonesian dad, and always looked different than most of my peers. I grew up in a white-dominant environment, so when movies came out with coloured girls, specifically bad ass girls who could save a country/their tribe. Seeing them have such agency and not be dumbed down a secundary role was an eye opener. I started dreaming about sword fighting like Mulan (which I did learn later), and Pocahontas taught me to be open minded to other cultures. Even if someone is different, that doesn’t mean they’re bad. As long as you listen, you’ll find you have more in common than you think.

Game characters

This is a hard one. In most RPGs my choices make the character and the story consists of events that happen and how you respond to it. But I can’t talk about memorable game characters without mentioning Alistair.

Alistair is definitely the man that I set my standards too. Not because of his looks, but because how vulnerable he was. He wasn’t just a stubborn hardass who wanted to follow the rules. He also had moment where he was a big baby. And he respected the player. Even if he didn’t agree, he wouldn’t burn you down. I honestly wish more men were like him.

Another character is Princess Elise from My World, My Way. The spoiled princess has everything she wants, except for the boy of her dreams. He turns out to be an adventurer and she tries out the adventurer lifestyle. The gameplay is amazing, but I really like how the spoiled princess dares to go outside of her comfort zone to find the thing she wants the most.

This is a lesson we all need to learn at some point. Most things we want the most are outside of our comfort zone and we have to be brave enough to take that step outside. No matter how spoiled you are. You have to make do with what you have. Find your strengths and they will help you conquer the obstacles. In Princess Elise’s case, crying a lot convinced enemies to drop more gold.

So here’s my prompt for you today: Tell me about your most memorable characters, and which ones do you identify with most?

If you’re taking up this prompt, drop a link in the comments and I’ll add it to the list below!

Next up in the Promptapalooza is Paeroka of Nerdy Bookahs. Check there tomorrow for the next writing prompt!

Guild Wars 2: My Mains

I don’t think I ever shared my characters, so this might be a good time to introduce them. I’m starting with the my main characters, since I have 16 characters and don’t want to overwhelm you with all of them in one post.

Naella Ysangwan – Human Ranger

Naella is the one I played the most and consider my main at the moment. She used to have her trusty fernhound with her, Bark. So far, I’ve only written one story about her. Maybe she’ll make a return one day, but not anytime soon.

She has the most percentage completed of the world map. Core Tyria is done, but I haven’t done the Heart of Thorns or the Path of Fire maps yet. That’s mostly because I don’t have all of the masteries yet so it’s kind of impossible to have all done. I’m going to try to get 100% in all of them though, at least with her.

Miira Lightbringer – Charr Guardian

Miira is one of my favourites. The hammer guardian is so much fun to play but only in PvE. Miira is also the main character in most of my fanfics. I especially enjoyed writing the cub parts of her story. I’ll keep writing them although they’re not my priority right now.

I really like how she looks. White with black stripes. She has a gentle but strict expression. That’s a leftover from her time with Torruhk and the others. I tried to integrate their story with the heart events on the maps. They’re interesting bits and all related to the area. Hopefully, it’ll feel more real too since you can visit the places they’ve been. Maybe you’ll understand the areas a bit better too if you normally don’t pay attention to the story.

Anora Lorya Sera – Sylvari Mesmer

Anora is the second character I made during the first day of the three-day headstart and my first main. I played her for a looooong time before I switched to my ranger. I really liked the butterflies, purple colours, clones. Popping a clone and running away was my favourite thing to do. Now I use my pet to distract the enemies.

I haven’t played enough with her since the expansions to know either of the elite specializations. I think I unlocked chronomancer, but haven’t done mirage yet.

Kaibush Treewood – Sylvari Thief

I participated in the Heart of Thorns beta and tried the daredevil. I really liked the class so I made one when the game launched and since I wanted a sylvari in all armor classes, I made one. He’s black with red accents.

The elite specs are so hard to complete if you don’t have good enough equipment to do the expansion maps. Honestly, I think I still have green or yellow gear. I have to craft full sets of armor and equipment for all of my chars at some point. That’s long term though.

For now I’m really enjoying doing map completion, meta events, and continuing the Living World story.

What would you like to know about my characters? I might do a full dedicated post with more background information on them in the future. Like full character sheet with builds, equipment, background, etc.

Come back later to meet other characters!

Songs of Desire

Last night I realized that nearly all Disney musical movies have a song of desire in them. These songs appear early in the movie and paint the desires of our hero(in). You know where the protagonist comes from, what they are struggling with and what they desire. The whole movie focuses on trying to attain that desire. And sometimes they figure out that what they truly want is actually something totally different. Or that they should take a different approach in getting it.

It’s a good mechanism for showing character development. It’s also a very easy way. Disney movies are aimed at a young audience, so that makes sense. But it’s something you can learn from when you’re working with stories. It’s important to know early on what’s going on in the protagonist’s life, what their obstacles are and what they want.

I made a quick playlist on Spotify for this collection of Disney songs. I don’t know if I have all of them, but I know most of them are in there. If you think there’s one that needs to be on the list, let me know in the comments below.

Character Creation Bahmi Female – Rift

Character Creation Aman Female – Tera

Character Creation Dwarf Female – Rift

Character Creation Human Female – Tera

Character Creation Eth Female – Rift

Character Creation Human Male – Tera

Character Creation Eth Male – Rift

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